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Batching Indicators GS2150

GS2150 Batch Indicator

The Complete Low Cost Automated Batching Solution

All Batching Logic Built-In. 

Key Features:
  • Batches Powders; Liquids; Semi Solids; Potatoes; Fruits – anything that can be fed into a container.
  • Batched weights can be a few GRAMS in sub gram increments all the way to many TONS in kg increments.
  • The Complete Low Cost Automated batching solution – all batching logic is “built in”.
  • Add Load Cells, one or two Push Buttons as INPUTS, a 5VDC~24VDC Power Supply to operate your relays and contactors controlled by the GS2150 OUTPUTS and you are ready to fill bags, bottles, boxes – anything – easily!
  • Easy to use. Entering weight settings is straightfoward using the GS2150′s sensibly sized front panel layout with clearly labelled functions and logical operating procedure.
  • Short 180mm rear projection including connectors enables fitment in standard 210 depth enclosures.
  • Very easy to setup and calibrate. Weight calibration takes very little time and few steps – for ZERO key CAL then ZERO; for WEIGHT CALIBRATION apply a known weight key CAL then SPAN, enter the weight and the rest is FULLY AUTOMATIC.
  • FOUR Optically Isolated Outputs rated 5VDC to 45VDC 1A for control of FAST & SLOW Speed Material Feeders, ZERO BAND & BATCH COMPLETE Indication. Outputs can directly operate most solenoids without external relays.
  • FOUR Optically Isolated Inputs from your Push Buttons/Switches or PLC rated 5VDC to 24VDC for START, STOP, KEYBOARD LOCK and TARE functions.
  • Every internal setting, function and operation of every GS2150 is 100% TESTED including THERMAL STABILITY over 0oC to 40oC.
  • Filling Machines for Sachets, Small Bags and Containers.
  • Filling Machines for Sacks and Boxes of Potatoes, Fruits and Vegetables.
  • Filling Machines for 20kg BAGS of Cements and other Powders.
  • Batching IN or Batching OUT applications from large HOPPERS or BINS.
  • Accurate DOSING applications.
  • Anything that requires VERY ACCURATE batched weights. The GS2150′s up to 800 sample per second rate ASSURES HIGH ACCURACY.

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