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Weight Transmitters AWE100R

AWE100R Load Cell Controller

The World’s Most User-Friendly And Versatile Load Cell Controller, Rail Mounted

The ideal controller for high-speed, high-accuracy weighing, batching and level measurement operations, The AWE100R is compact: allowing instruments to be close coupled on a standard 35mm DIN rail.

The offset and span trim calibration functions make this controller ideally suited for tank and silo applications. Relay and analog output options make it valuable for stand-alone control or as an interface for PLC applications. Intuitive scrolling text menus guide you step by step through the effortless setup and calibration process, making the GS100R the world’s most user-friendly and versatile load-cell controller.

AWE100R Load Cell Controller
Input4/6-wire strain gauge 1-5mV/V
Power supplyHV – 85-265V AC/95-370V DC OR LV – 15-48V AC/10-72V DC
Relay outputs2 programmable form A relays with hysteresis and delay on make
Analog output (Optional)Isolated 16-bit 4-20mA/0-10V output (fully scaleable). Window
programmable over any range within the full-scale range of the controller.
Serial port (Optional)Isolated option 2 or option 4 serial port » Modes: ASCII, Modbus RTU slave,
Ranger A output » Data ranges: 300-38400. Odd, even or no parity
Excitation5V DC excitation supplied (powers up to 8 x 350Ω load-cells).
Sampling rateUp to 50Hz
Accuracy0.005% of reading
Temperature driftTypically 3ppm/°C
CalibrationPre-calibrated for 0-10,000 counts (2mV/V sensor gain at full scale). Can be
recalibrated using the auto (key-in) or mV/V method. Adjustable zero offset and span.
Easy setupIntuitive text prompts facilitate easy setup
SecurityCalibration and setpoint functions have independent security code access. Direct
access to setpoint activation values is independently configurable.

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