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Pelican Waterproof Bench Scale

Trade Approved, Waterproof & Portable Accuracy

Pelican Waterproof Bench Scale is ideal for food processing & weighing + packing trade applications
If you need a trade-approved portable, waterproof scale then the Pelican Waterproof Bench Scale fits the bill.
Designed for accurate weighing & packing in the trade of fresh poultry, fish, vegetables, meat repacking and other food processing applications, the Pelican Waterproof Bench Scale has a stainless steel hygienic platform that’s easy to clean and is highly portable (it weighs only 2.78 kg).
The Pelican Waterproof Bench Scale can handle weighing capacities from 3 kg to 30 kg.
With its trade approval certification and IP65 rating, you can count on the Pelican Waterproof Bench Scale for trade applications needing frequent wash downs for products up to 30 kg.
Pelican Series Waterproof Scale Key Features:
• Trade Approved Weighing for up to 30 kg bulk merchandise
• Wash-down Proof
• Robust design: able to withstand tough environments & rough handling
• Trade Approval no: NMI 6/4C/280
• You will find the large 25mm-High LCD Display (LED backlight), easy to read
• Large square Weighing Pan, 200mm (W) x 260mm (L)
• Hygienic Stainless Steel Weighing Pan, so its easy to clean
• IP65 waterproof housing design
• You will have up to 70 Hours continuous use, before you need to recharge the batteries
• The Mechanical Switch Keys, makes it opearator friendly & simple to use
• Powered by Internal Rechargeable Batteries


This approval has been granted with reference to document NMI R 76, Non-automatic weighing instruments, Parts 1 and 2, dated July 2004. Pattern & variant 1 approved – certificate issued 02/05/13 Description of Pattern approved on 2/05/13A Riteweigh model Pelican-15 class non-automatic single interval self-indicating weighing instrument (Table 1) of 15 kg maximum capacity with a verification scale interval of 0.005 kg. Instruments are fitted with an liquid crystal display for weight value.


1.7 Descriptive Markings and Notices Instruments are marked with the following data, together in one location, see Below…

Manufacturer’s mark, name written in fullRite-Weigh Scales Pty Ltd
Indication of accuracy classNMI 6/4C/280
Pattern approval number for the instrument
Maximum capacityMax .......... g or kg #1
Minimum capacityMin ........... g or kg #1
Verification scale intervale = ............ g or kg #1
Maximum subtractive tareT = - ........ g or kg #2
Serial number of the instrument...........

#1 These markings are also shown near the display of the result if they are not already located there.

#2 This marking is required if T is not equal to Max.

2. Description of Variant 1 approved on 2/05/13 Certain models of the Riteweigh Pelican series of instru-
ments in capacities as listed in Table 1 (the pattern is shown in bold):

Table 1



Scale Interval


Subtractive Tare


Load Cell


Capacity Emax
Pelican-33 kg0.020 kg0.001 kg2.999 kg5 kg
Pelican-66 kg0.040 kg0.002 kg5.998 kg8 kg or 10 kg
Pelican-1515 kg0.100 kg0.005 kg14.995 kg20 kg
Pelican-3030 kg0.200 kg0.005 kg29.99 kg35 kg or 50 kg

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