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How To Order Your Vertical Auger Filler

Vertical Auger

So when you order your Vertical Auger Filler it comes with:

  • Self contained filler with easy clean split hopper and integrated electrical control box. Requires 200-250v ac supply.
  •  A height adjustable floor stand unless a special machine mount was specified.
  • Footswitch to initiate fill cycle.
  • Electrical logic interface to upstream product feed system and interface to down stream packaging machine.
  • Quick change auger assembly to suit your specification
  • Quick video tutorial

But Hold on, before you go ordering your Vertical Auger. We would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t mention the Vertical Auger Options”

Vertical Auger Filler Options

  • Scale for weight feedback or control
  • Extended tooling
  • Bombay doors
  • 100% Stainless Steel frames
  • Bulk product conveyors
  • VASD Vertical Auger Servo Drive Larger Servo drive unit 3Kw as required for difficult to move products such as sugars , glutens and granular products.Upgrade to P.L.C and larger agitator motor to suit.
  • Connecting A Dust Collection Vacuum System To Reduce Dust Around The Fill Nozzle
  • Out-feed Conveyor
  • Inlet Surge Bins
  • Automatic Bag Loader (arm Loader)
  • Robot Arm and Vacuum Clamping Device
  • Pallet Jack base, (move machine with ease)
  • Heavy duty agitation change parts, with high speed agitation, medium blade & paste blade

Optional Equipments to Complete Packaging System

  • Product Infeed Conveyors
  • Conveyors
  • Valve Sealers
  • Pallisertisers

If you have any additional questions about the vertical Auger, or your process in general, then please feel free to talk to a Bradwood Packaging Sales Engineers.

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Precision Augers Are the Key

Vertical Auger

Augers Specifications

Each auger needs to be designed to suit the dry product being filled.

The auger in auger filler is not a dumb screw but a precision engineered component designed to match product characteristics as well as filling speed and volume requirements.

Auger stems & OD flight needs to be exactly concentric to avoid erratic dispensing.

One size does not fit all, even on products that appear similar. So talk to Bradwood Packaging so the correct auger combination can be designed for your product.

The Auger In Auger Filler Is Not A Dumb Screw But A Precision Engineered Component Designed To Match Product Characteristics As Well As Filling Speed And Volume Requirements.