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Your Weighbridge Is An Investment

Freight weigh Above Ground


Manufactured In Trade And Non Trade Configurations Built To Last And Stand The Test Of Time.

So you’ve decided you need a weighbridge! The purchase of a weighbridge is a wise investment but, like any investment, it requires some research and thought to ensure you get the most for your dollar. According to ATO depreciation schedule, they allow 25 years to depreciate a weighbridge. So your Weighbridge is a long term investment. You need to consider the placement of your weighbridge carefully. It’s essential to assess the impact of the weighbridge location on your current and future use of your site.

You don’t have to look at too many weighbridge brochures to become thoroughly confused about what’s available, what’s important and what’s not to you. Generally, there are two basic types of weighbridges used to weigh trucks;

  1. Axle load weighbridges which are used to weigh 1 or 2 or multiple axles at a time to comply with the Chain of Responsibility and its associated ”legal ramifications” in regards to heavy vehicle (>4.5t) axle weights. (Trade Approved and Non Trade Options)
  2. Full-length truck weighbridges which weigh the entire truck at one time and can also have split decks for axle weighing, to comply with the Chain of Responsibility and all associated legal ramifications in regards to heavy vehicle (>4.5t) axle weights.

A weighbridge can have a very tough life, often in extremely arduous conditions. It won’t take long to see the impact of a poorly designed and inadequately protected weighbridge because it will quickly show signs of deterioration, which will eventually affect its performance and reliability.

AWE designs the Freight-Weigh weighbridge for Australian conditions and a lifetime of heavy duty weighing. Our proven robust designed platforms are engineered and manufactured inhouse, to the highest standards, providing our customers with a lifetime of reliable and accurate service.

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