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Choosing The Right Bag VFFS250 Series Vertical form Filler Sealer

fin seal styles

1. Film Type:
Laminated Film
PE Film

2. Film Width:
Film Roll Width (mm) ____
Width of Flat Bag (mm) ____
Length of Seam/Bag (mm) __

3. Film Thickness:
Film Thickness (micron) ___

4. Fin Seal Style
Fin Seal No.___
(refer table below)

4. Fin Seal Style
A – Pillow
B – Gusseted Bag
C – Block Bottom Bag
D – Quad Seal
E – Carry Out Bag

6. Weight Ranges:
Weigh Ranges (kg) ___

7. Desired Operating Speed:
Bag per minute (bpm) ____

8. Height Requirement:
Available height in Workshop___

Fin Seal Styles

Block Bottom BagBlock Bottom Bag
with Gusset
Pouch Bag
with Gusset
Pouch Bag
Pillow Bag With Gusseted      Standard Pillow BagBag with Round Hole/Euro Hole