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Weighbridge – 9 Commercial Reasons Why Your Business Needs An Above Ground Weighbridge

Above Ground Weighbridge

Heavy Vehicles Represent 2.5% Of All Registered Vehicles In New South Wales, But Account For 8% Of Vehicle Kilometers Travelled And 21% Of Fatalities On NSW Roads. NSW Government Response Road Safety Roundtable.

9 Commercial Reasons Why Your Business Needs An Above Ground Weighbridge

1. Your trucks will Comply with the Chain of Responsibility, so you don’t have to worry about the crippling COR fines for having overweight trucks on the streets

2. Improve productivity and efficiency, because you will only be loading your trucks once, with the correct weight

3. You won’t be losing revenue by sending out under weight trucks

4. Overloaded truck use more fuel because, as your truck’s gross weigh increases, your fuel economy decreases.

5. Increase your trucks life and lower your maintenance costs, because constant overloading will destroy your trucks

6. An average articulated truck ihas a relative rating of 2.65 compared to a 2 tonne car which is rated at 1/2250. So

  • An articulated truck is equivalent to 6000 cars.
  • A standard axle fitted with dual tyres and loaded to 8.2 tonnes will cause 2250 times more damage than a car.
  • The same standard axle loaded to 10 tonnes will double the damage to the road pavement.

7. Meets your duty of care, by providing a safer Workplace, and your drivers will feel safer because your trucks are loaded within safe legal load limits.

8. Your Weighbridge creates a record of the loaded weight for each trip so that you can prove your trucks were within the relevant mass limits, helping you have a better relationships with enforcement agencies

9. Overloading causes a lot of damage to roads and bridges, So we’re all forced pay more tax to make up for the shortfall.

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How The Freight-Weigh Above Ground Weighbridge Works?

Above Ground Weighbridge

The 3 Must Have Elements, To Make Sure Your Weighbridge, Keeps Working

The Most Important Consideration In Selecting A Weighbridge, Is The Structural Integrity Of Your Weighbridge


If you need your weighbridge, to stand up to the punishing abuse of heavy trucks, then you require 3 components:
Strength, Reliability and Qualified Trades People/Service.

It’s like a 3 legged stool, leave out an element and it’s pretty wobbly. Not the desired effect you want in your weighbridge.

  • Structural integrity is vital for accurate weighing, so you need to purchase from a reliable vendor. We prefer to manage all subcontractors to monitor their quality and workmanship. Cost saving can cause a breach in your weighbridge resulting in costly downtime or worse, your exposure to overloading and breaking CoR Laws
  • Because these heavy duty steel UBeams are more rigid, they reduce excessive flexing when loaded, so you get accurate weighing
  • AWE Galvanise all steel frames and components, to protect your weighbridge from corrosion. You don’t have worry about your Weighbridge rusting away.
  • Every item is checked to make sure it meets the high quality standards of ISO 9001/2000

Don’t Take Short Cuts, Because If Your Trucks Are Overweight The Fines Could Kill Your Business

If Time is Money, Then Can You Afford To Have An Unreliable Weighbridge?


AWE designs weighbrides for Australian conditions and a lifetime of heavy duty weighing. Our proven and robust designed platforms are engineered and manufactured inhouse, to the highest standards to provide our customers with a lifetime of reliable and accurate service.

  • With our in-house engineering, design and manufacturing facility, together with our network of engineers and agents around the world, we are able to offer a complete custom built solution for your weighbridge needs.
  • All projects use Autocad Inventor 3D CAD/CAM software to check for span deflection, slope at load cell, maximum bending stress etc to ensure all materials/equipment (eg load cells) operate within their allowable limits.
  • Rite Weigh Scale Pty Ltd is Quality Endorsed Company, QMS – AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000

Qualified Skilled Tradesmen the 3rd Leg

AWE believe so strongly in only using qualify skilled tradesmen, we refuse to outsource, because fines from a weighbridge failure could ruin your business. When AWE starts building your weighbridge, an army of skilled tradesmen and engineers, design and manufacture your purpose built weighbridge. They are all lead by your own personal project manager assigned to make your project run smoothly. We’re talking about:

  • Licensed Tradesmen > Mechanical Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers > Structural Engineers
  • Draftsmens >>Fitter & Turners > Boilermakers
  • Fully Qualified Scale Makers > Electronic Technicians
  • Instrument Fitters >>Electricians > Weighbridge Service
  • Technicians > Project Managers > Concreters

The quality of our team sets as apart, as most companies can only offer these services by outsourcing to the cheapest contractor.!

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