So Why Are The Authorities Cracking Down On Overweight Trucks?

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The RTA is cracking down on overweight trucks because overloading a vehicle can significantly impair the driver’s ability to brake and steer correctly and is a danger to the driver, passengers, other road users and pedestrians.

The Bureau of Transport Economics’ (BTE) 2000 Report on Road Crash Costs in Australia is still regarded as the most authoritative source available on the economic cost of road crashes. The BTE crash cost estimates has been updated to 2008 dollar, showing the average cost of a fatal crash is $2.27M (which takes into account loss of future earnings, etc.), and the average cost of a serious injury crash is $560,000.

Do you know why the Road Traffic Authorities enforces the overloading provisions in Chain of Responsibility Legislation?

1. Vehicles overloaded cause excessive wear and damage to roads, bridges and pavements;

2. Serious overloading can affect your driver’s safety by making the vehicle less stable, difficult to steer and taking longer to stop when braking

3. Overloaded vehicles are in unfair competition with other hauliers. In the long term, keeping within weight limits may keep you employed and your firm in business; and

4. Overloaded vehicles are illegal – this may affect the insurance cover for the vehicle. The penalty for overloading a vehicle may exceed $2,200 for an individual and $11,000 per incidence for a corporation.

Everybody Has To Take Responsibility. The penalty for overloading a vehicle may exceed $2,200 for an individual and
$11,000 for a corporation, per incident.304,646 Reasons To Get The Scorpion Onboard Weighing