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Importance of Weighing Equipment in the Construction Industry


Best weighing equipment supplier in Australia



Known as an industry with a dynamic operational environment, a construction business requires the use of industry-appropriate machines and construction weighing equipment systems that are reliable, effective, and efficient to provide output and produce profits for the company. 

Depending on their specific functionalities and certain features, using construction weighing equipment in industry can get the job done in a short period of time with fewer resources while weighing equipment also helps in monitoring the stock of your building products. If you have too much stock of some products, they can sit unused and untouched for a long time which means you might be wasting space and money.Thanks to weighing equipment, you will be able to create a plan on which products needs to be purchased and the amount that is needed to get your project completed.

How Can Construction Weighing Equipment Affect?


  1. They are cost-effective.

Forget about paying fines for overloading. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology of scales, you can get the job done with less time and resources. 

  1. They increase credibility

Scales help you monitor and measure incoming and outgoing raw materials and calculate the amount of resources needed for the next order, to the weight of your trucks, which allows you to know in advance the amount of taxes and fees that may be collected.

  1. They ensure a safe operation

Thanks to a weighbridge, you can meter out the loads and evenly distribute materials on every construction site. 



What Are The Commonly Used Scales In The Bulk Construction Industry?



The AWE Group’s range of Onboard Scales are designed to cope with any weather condition with varying material and weight type while providing accurate measurements. They help make sure that your trucks carry the correct weight of load to meet standard requirements.

By law, every product you ship needs to reflect what is printed on your product label. Every second spent weighing, could be time spent packing & shipping. While there’s no magic solution currently to by-pass check weighing, you can get your products out the door faster with the AWE Group’s AAC7 Checkweigher.



For utmost accuracy, the AWE Group’s collection of Counting Scales with an extensive range of weighing and counting functions helps eliminate the task of counting identical pieces like screws, nuts, or bolts. When it comes to counting small objects, these counting scales can increase productivity and  reduce your labor costs. Start getting smarter with your stock inventory management with these counting scales.



Designed to measure small increments in product in the sub-milligram range, the AWE Group’s Bilby Balance and Bull-ant Balance Scale uses a tuning fork to achieve high accuracy with 3 decimal places 410 g x 0.001g while offering a variety of weighing applications, including check weighing, counting parts, weighing percentage, weighing dynamic and testing destiny.



When it’s too heavy to lift onto a bench, the AWE Group offers Large and Small Platform Scales providing heavy duty platform solutions for your construction areas and warehouses which is particularly useful in construction and architecture for counting a large number of tiles, bricks and slabs.




Questions About Scales?

Thanks to over 40 years of experience, the AWE Group proven and robust designs are engineered and manufactured in house, to the highest standards to provide our customers with a lifetime of reliable and accurate service.

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