[spoiler intro=”The DE-50-AV Single Or Dual Valve Auger Packer has the Lowest ‘Cost of Ownership’ in its class,
because it will reduce time and labour to fill valve bags

The DENDY DE-50-AV is a single or twin-spout auger valve bag filling and weighing machine with a built-in product feeder is designed to fill dry solids, like granulated pellets,cement, adhesives, renders, powders, small aggregates and flaked products into valve bags. The machine incorporates two variable speed drives on the main auger feeder for fast and slow filling, with the third dribble feed via a vibratory feeder tube to ensure accurate bag weights. The filling nozzles have a specially designed inlet housing to prevent bridging of the product during the filling cycle, and are fitted with pneumatic bag clamps linked to the machine cycle.

The DE-50-AV Packer weighs the bag and contents as it is being filled. The Duplexed auger filling system is capable of production rates, (3-4 bags per minute, typical 20kg) while maintaining accuracy.[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”Clients Include »”]

  • Cement Australia
  • New Food Coatings
  • Myosen Industries
  • Incitec
  • Ardex
  • Compounded Plastics
  • Sika
[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”How the DE-50-AV Single Or Dual Valve Auger Filler Works »”]

DE-50-AV Single or Dual Valve Auger fills bags by gross weight. The DE-50-AV can be configured for manual placement & removal of valve bags, manual placement with automatic removal or an automatic placement and removal solution. Dendy Packaging’s Single Or Dual Horizontal Auger tare/zeros the bag and fills product to the desired weight. Our weighing system uses a specially designed loadcell and controls to achieve market leading performance. This technology is a key point of difference between our packers and the competition.

1. The bagger is fed from an overhead hopper, silo or mixer containing the product to be bagged.

2. The packing cycle begins by managing a charge of material from the overhead vessel into the DE-50-AV holding chamber.

3. The filling cycle begins with the placement of bag(s) onto the nozzle. A depression of foot switch or start button starts the filling cycle. Main feed auger, vibratory feeder, and valve auger feeder all come on together and run for flood fill of system.

4. Once flood fill setpoint has been achieved then slow speed filling kicks in. Main feed auger slows down after receiveing signal from v.f.d (Variable weight e.g 98% then main feed auger shuts off.

5. Vibratory feeder and valve auger continue to run together until final setpoint is achieved. Fast, Accurate Filling is achieved.

6. Filling cycle is complete. In the case of Single Auger Filler replace bag and the cycle continues. If duplexed version both head 1 and head 2 are independant and can be filling both or singularly.

[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”What You Get With A Dendy Auger Valve Packer »”]
  • Constructed from powder coated Mild Steel or selective Stainless Steel, so it’s built to last and makes cleaning a breeze
  • High accuracy via special load cell technology Easy clean out and changeover of new products without contamination
  • After Dendy Packaging installs your DE-50-AV you get hands on training and documentation, to maximise your ROI
  • The auger feeding system is capable of good production rates while maintaining the highest accuracy. (Higher speeds if required see Bradwood P.V.P.E Air Packers).
  • Operator friendly easy set and forget controls
  • Universal and industrial components give the machinery extra long life cycles the way machinery should be built
  • Manufactured to comply with Australian & International Standards
  • Pneumatic and electrical control equipment housed in positive pressure enclosure, ensuring dust free components
  • Built from structural steel giving maximum strength with minimal dimensions
  • Three stage filling for accurate bag fill weights
  • Quick adjustment to suit your bag sizes
  • The heart of DE-50-AV is your PLC controller interface, it’s simple to operate, your operators will have all of the controls neccessary at the tip of their fingers
  • Don’t worry about security, because you can add password protected operator access levels
  • A flexible and modular Packaging System which can beinterfaced with most filling systems and check weighers. The same control panel can be extended to operate further machinery or conveyors
  • The DE-50-AV uses top European quality pneumatic and electronic components, such as Festo, Metalwork, Schneider, SMC
[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”DE-50-AV Dual Valve Auger Technical Specifications »”]
Bag Sizes
Valve Size
Valve Length
Bag Width
Bag Height
Suit 50mm (2”) Fill Nozzle
90 – 165mm long90 – 180mm Flat Dimension300 – 700 mm
Filling Speed
1 to 5 bags per minute, depending on no. of spouts, product density, valve size, bag weight,
quality of bag, accuracy required and product flow characteristics
Bag Weights
5 Kg to 50 Kg
+/- 0.25% depending on filling speed, product bulk, flow characteristics, particle size, infeed
system and bag size. (Typically +/- 50g @ 3 bags/ min @ 20kg Dual Spout Version On Tile Adhesives)
Base machine is 380-415 Vac 3 phase, 50 hz 1.5 amps
Air System
Pressure Range
500Kpa (5 Bar) - 1000Kpa (10 Bar)
Control Air
1CMH @ 800Kpa (8 Bar), Clean Dry Air
Please see drawings attached in brochure
Weighing System
Fitted as standard with load cell and precision digital read-out indicator/controller.
Flow Control
Three stage main/ dribble, vibratory feed cut off system
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