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OMB Net Weigher

The OMB Net Weigher Has The Lowest ‘Cost Of Ownership’ Because It Will Provide Year Round, Low Maintenance, High Throughput, Precise Filling Of Open Mouth Bags

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The OMB Net Weigher Has The Lowest ‘Cost Of Ownership’ Because It Will Provide Year Round, Low Maintenance, High Throughput, Precise Filling Of Open Mouth Bags

The OMB Net Weigher Provides The Most Accurate Way Of Filling Free Flowing Products Because Of The Sensitive Electronic Loadcells & Intuitive Control System

Once your product fills the sack it’s important the consumer receives the correct amount. The manufacturer should make sure they’re working between their Economic (Delivering too Much) and Legal Limits (Being Underweight), so your products must be weighed.

Typically your speed of your manufacturing process is determined by the packaging process (filling, weighing, sealing & palletizing).

With costs of labour being so high and the margins typically being lower on most products it is necessary to be able to package your products into the bags as fast as possible without double or triple handling the bags. To do this we suggest using the OMB Net Weigher with our large range of attachments to suit your particular product.

The OMB Net Weigher, also known as Open-Mouth Bagging system can form part of an automated packaging system with further integration of other Bradwood Packaging machinery. The OMB Net Weigher is an ideal solution for filling semi/free flowing powder & granules.

Low maintenance + high speed = labour savings

  • Production rates: up to 720 bags per hour depending on product characteristics, bag weight, and accuracy needed
  • High accuracy, reliable operation with our SMART GATE technology
  • Constructed from mild steel with stainless steel options, so it’s built to last
  • After Bradwood Packaging installs your OMB Net Weigher you get hands on training and documentation, to maximise your ROI
  • The OMB-NET open-mouth bagging system is a semi automatic electronic bagging system available in standard patterns or customised to your requirements
  • Enclosed design with removable panels providing easy access into the machine
  • Choice of round dust-tight manual bag holding system for dusty applications or Hi Flo v-shape bag holding system (Duck Bill)
  • Manual adjustment of flow control & shut off gate Two stage flow control with SMART GATE technology
  • Precision weigh hopper with Stainless Steel Hermetically Sealed IP68 Rating APE-7 Loadcells
  • Full safety guarding, ensures a safe working environment, which conforms to Australian and International safety standards
  • Hi-flow bombay doors with empty sensing & auto refill
  • Built for continuous operation 24 hours/day
  • SOFT CLOSE clamps on our designs are fast and safe
  • Quick connect pneumatic and single phase electrical hookup
  • Also Controls overhead hopper (high and low) and bag closing line
Product InfeedGravityBeltVibratoryScrew
Production Rateup to 12*up to 7*up to 6*up to 9*
System Accuracy (typical)0.5%
Bag Accuracy (typical)-0/+100g typical @ 8 x 20kg bags/min (grain)
Accuracy+/- 10g
Weighment Range10 to 50kg
Air Consumption1.5 Litres per cycle
Weigh Hopper Capacity80 ,100,135 and 170 litre
Operating Pressure4 to 6 bar (10 bar max)
Power Supply240V / 1 Ph / 50Hz / 150w
Operating Temperature5°C to 45°C
 Depending on product characteristics, bag size, etc. *Rates obtained in
simplex configuration. Duplex configuration available for higher speeds.


  • Product Infeed: Gravity; Belt Feed; Auger; Dual Auger; Vibratory
  • Manual flow control & shut off gate
  • Can be Constructed from 304/316 Stainless Steel
  • It may be supplied with an infeed hoppers from our range or with adaptions to suit your your existing overhead bin
  • No bag no fill functionality minimizes product wastage
  • Check weigher with weight feedback to the packer for monitoring, tracking and correcting bag weights dynamically.

Optional Equipment to Complete Packaging System

  • Bag & Sack Placers
  • Parallel Conveyors
  • Auger Feeders
  • Hopper
  • Hot Air Sealers, Bag Closers
  • Box Filling Machines
  • Palletisers
  • Gusset Reformers

Net Weigher Clamping Options

Another point of difference between our packers and our competitors is our awareness and solution to the risk of operators getting there fingers caught in the clamps. To this end we feature soft close technology and deep rubber profiles on our clamp closing systems. The OMB packer provides 2 different clamping options.

Duckbill Style

  • Duckbill style bag clamps provides the fastest way of putting bags onto the net bagger and is the preferred choice if you want to automate the bag placing with one of Bradwood Packaging’s ASP Automatic Sack Placers.
  • Duckbill Jaws may be fitted with “Soft Close” functionally to protect operators fingers, from getting caught in the jaws.
  • Typically used dust controlled, or non dusty products.

Dust Tight Clamps

  • Dust Tight Clamps extend over the entire width of the bag to form a dust tight seal.
  • The dust tight clamps use water jet cut rubber jaws to provide a safety cushion in case the operators fingers get caught between the clamps. They may be fitted with “Soft Close” functionally to further protect the operators fingers.

“Soft Close”

  • “Soft Close” is a proprietary low pressure clamp closing system designed and manufactured by Bradwood Packaging.
  •  “Soft Close” allows operators to remove their hands without being damaged during bag placements.
  • All timing and pressures are fully adjustable.

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