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Bagging Flour up to 550 bags per hour. Bag sizes from 5 to 50 kg, Open Mouth Paper bag with or without PE Liner, Cotton Sacks

IGF 600 Open Mouth Bagger

The OMB-Gross open-mouth bagging system is a semi-automatic electronic bagging system available in standard patterns or hydraulic-driven vertical movement of the …

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Technical Specifications & DescriptionAutomatic Weighing, filling and closing system for premade bags

Bag Sizes:From 5 to 50 kg
Production:Up to 550 Bags per hour
Bag Type:Open Mouth Paper bag with or without PE Liner. Cotton Sack – Special Device for
cotton sacks
Bagging System:Open Mouth Bagger – IGF 600PT
Automatic Bag Format & Closure System Change
Bag Closure:Pinch-Top – Sewing
Format Change:Automatic Bag Format & Closure System Change
Application:Animal feed, pet food, cat litter, seeds, sugar, salt, manure, fertiliser, urea, vitamins, PE-PP pellets, chemical powders (PVC, bicarbonate, ceramic frits, caustic soda etc.)
tar, cement mix...
Production Output:300 - 600 - 900 -1200 -1500 bags/hour
Weights:From 1 to 50 kg
Flat/gusseted bags:Paper - PE - woven PP
Bag Closing:Stitching (single, double, crepe paper, folded), Pinch-top, Fold + Hot melt, Heat sealing, Double folding + Sealing tape, Internal sealing + Sewing+Sealing tape
Format Change:Automatic in 90 seconds on the complete line


The IGF 600 bagging system was designed to meet bagging needs with throughputs of up to 600 bags/hour, which may vary depending on the characteristics of the product. The machine design features a monobloc structure complete with protective doors, making it secure, compact and safe. Because of its limited space requirements, the IGF 600 can be installed in any existing operating environment.

[spoiler intro=”IGF 600 »”]The IGF 600 can be coupled with either net or gross weighers using gravity, belt- or screw-feed systems, depending on the product(s) for bagging or packaging.

The IGF 600 is extremely versatile, as it can work with a wide variety of bag types and sizes. The format-change operations can be handled in an extremely short amount of time without any operator invention performed by its PLC (Programmable Logic Control).

The IGF 600 can be equipped with various types of bag-storage trolleys adapted to respond to the different needs found at the costumer’s plant.
[/spoiler][spoiler intro=”Single bag-storage trolley »”] With the Single Bag-storage Trolley, the operator must manually place one pile of bags at a time. Prior to executing this operation, the machine must be stopped for safety reasons[/spoiler][spoiler intro=”Motorized bag-storage trolley »”] The bag-storage trolley has several compartments to hold the piles of empty bags. When the pile runs out, the second one is moved forward to the work position and the machine can quickly resume operations, without any operator intervention or downtime. The compartment that has been freed can then be filled again[/spoiler][spoiler intro=”Bag-storage trolley with infeeder »”] This special bag feeding and presentation mechanism permits makes it possible to label or print the bag before it is filled. The bags are fed singly and advanced on a belt conveyor equipped with a printer and labeling device commanded by the machine. The IGF 600 comes complete with safety devices compliant with the current EC regulations.[/spoiler][spoiler intro=”Options »”]

  • Comb system to vibrate the bag bottom during filling
  • Upper-level bag-vibrating system using the bag-holder
  • Label device for computer labels printed in real time or pre-printed labels
  • Ticket machine for self-adhesive labels
  • Ticket machine for labels to be sewn on the upper bag edge
  • Stainless steel for parts in contact with abrasive or corrosive products
  • Dust hoods
  • De-aeration probes for aerated products
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 Technical Data
Maximum speed300 - 400 b/h, depending on the characteristics of the product to be bagged.
Weighing range5-50 kg
Bag-storage trolley capacity50 / 300
Operating systemPLC (Programmable Logic Control)
Power supply380 V- 50 Hz
Compressed-air consumption70 Nl/ciclo
Installed power7 kW


Bag CharacteristicsDescription
Bag TypeReady-made open-mouth bags
Shape• Flat bags, with or without handle, cushion, with sewn bottom, sealed or glued (pinch bottom).• Flat bags, with or without handle, cross bottom. • Gusseted bags, with or without handle, sewn bottom, square, sealed or glued (pinch bottom).
Flat bag dimensionsWidth: from 350 to 600 mm or from 300 to 500 mm , depending on type of
bag-holder userLength: From 550 to 1100 mm
Gusseted bag dimensions• Width: from 250 to 450 mm• Length: From 550 to 1100 mm• Gusset from 550 to 1100 mm • Gusset from 50 to 70 mm
• Gusset from 50 to 100 mm with individual bag in-feeder
Bag material• Paper
• Coated paper• Paper with PE liner• Paper with aluminum liner• PE• PP raffia, Coated raffia, Raffia with PE liner
NOTE: The information listed in the chart is strictly indicative and will depend on the specific features of the machine.[/spoiler]

Product Description

How the OMB Net Weigher Works
The OMB Open-mouth bagging system provides the most accurate way of filling free-flowing products. Its sensitive electronic loadcells protects your bags from over- and under-fills assuring the end-user the precise amount of product for each fill. The hermetically Sealed APE-7 loadcells pre-weigh one batch in an internal weigh hopper, ready to dump when the operator installs a bag.

The OMB Net Weigher comes fitted with ‘smart-gate’ technology designed to overcome the issues associated with small apertures required to deliver accuracy and maintain flow rate. It may be supplied with an in-feed hopper from our range or with adaptation to suit your existing overhead bin.

The ability to weigh each empty container gives the ability to track the quality of the incoming components, and the ability to final weigh each filled container gives the plant statistical data to support a process under control.

Any container that does not meet the pre-selected targets is rejected automatically. By filling to net weight, the label weight can be met regardless of the variations in volume due to temperature or density changes.

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After Bradwood Packaging installs your OMB Open Mouth Bag Net Weigher, Hands-on Training and technical documentation is provided to your certified operators to maximise your ROI. The OMB-NET Open-Mouth bagging system is a semi-automatic electronic bagging system available in standard patterns or customised to your requirement.

  • Production rate: Up to 720 bags per hour depending on product characteristics, bag weight, and accuracy needed
  • High accuracy, reliable operation with our SMART
  • GATE technology
  • Steel construction built to last
  • Enclosed design with removable panels providing easy access into the machine
  • Choice of round dust-tight manual bag holding system for dusty applications or Hi Flo V-shape bag holding system (Duck Bill)
  • Quick connect pneumatic and single phase electrical hookup
  • Also Controls overhead hopper (high and low) and bag closing line.
  • Manual adjustment of flow control & shut off gate Two stage flow control with SMART GATE technology
  • Precision weigh hopper with Stainless Steel Hermetically Sealed IP68 Rating APE-7 Loadcells
  • Full safety guarding, ensures a safe working environment, which conforms to Australian and international safety standards
  • Enclosed design for dust containment and Clean and dust-free operation
  • Hi-flow Bombay doors with empty sensing & auto refill
  • Built for continuous operation 24 hours/day
  • No-Bag No-Fill functionality minimizes product wastage
  • Widest range of Bag Clamp options and sizes
  • SOFT CLOSE clamps on our designs are fast and safe.
  • The fastest form of weighing
  • Quick-release change parts

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  • Different size hoppers
  • Product Infeed: Gravity; Belt Feed; Auger; Dual Auger; Vibratory
  • Can be Constructed from 304, 316 Stainless Steel
  • Optional Equipments to Complete Packaging System
  • Bag & Sack Placers
  • Parallel Conveyors
  • Auger Feeders
  • Vertical Form Fill Sealer
  • Hopper
  • Tub Filler
  • Box Filing Machines
  • Robot Palletisers
  • Technical Specification:
  • Variable feeding methods: Augers, Belt, Gravity(surge hoppers), Vibratory
  • Bag Accuracy(Typical): ± 50g -200g typically @ 6× 20kg bags/min(grain)
  • Production Rate: Up to 9: Up to 6: Up to 5: Up to 5
  • Weighment Range: 5-50Kg
  • Air Consumption: 3 Litres per cycle
  • Operating Pressure: Operating Pressure
  • Power Supply: 220V-415V/50-60Hz
  • Operating Temperature: -5° C to 45° C
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