HDB 800 R – Bale Compression System

Compresses Vertically 60% + Lengthwise40%

  • Weight Range

    1 – 30 KG

  • Bale Speed

    120 to 300 bales per hour

  • Compressible Products

    Wood chips. Sawdust. Cellulose paper. Rock wool. Glass fibre. Straw. Hay. Corn silage. Compost. Peat etc

Our range of bale compressor systems
can be used with a wide range of products.

Each system has different compression characteristics to suit product.

Here is the overview to our systems:

  • Bale weight from 1 to 30 Kg.
  • 2 to 6 bales/minute.
  • Each system variant has different compression type to suit product: wood chips, sawdust, cellulose paper, rock wool, glass fibre, straw, hay, corn silage, compost, peat, etc.
  • Compression chamber with a volume from 300 to 800 litres with fastening to the ground.
  • Hydraulic system dimensioned according to the compression force required, depending on the product.
  • 1 to 3 compression pistons.
  • Output conveyors on the opposite side.
  • Suction duct at a single point.
  • Electronic weighing machine / volumetric feeder.
  • Constant temperature control and step-less speed regulation.
  • Temperature and height of conveyor table are adjustable.
  • Solid-ink coding provides high definition, various selectable colors, instant dry while printing & strong adhesive property.
  • Optional counting device can be fitted.

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