AWE’s Pinch Bag Closer. PBC Series can reduce or eliminate the need to manually perform repetitive tasks of sealing the plastic inner liner with a hermetic heat seal and closing the paper open mouth bags.

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AWE’s Pinch Bag Closer PBC Series can reduce or eliminate the need to manually perform repetitive tasks of sealing the plastic inner liner with a hermetic heat seal and closing the paper open mouth bags. The Pinch Bag Closer seals multi-wall paper bags with a fast and reliable process. The Pinch Bag Closer is capable of handling Stepped End Bags, which have a pre-applied, hot melt adhesive strip positioned along the top flap of the bag. The Pinch Bag Closer folds the flap and then heat & pressure are applied, to seal and close bag. Your bag is now sift-proof.[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”Sealing Your Sack Could Not Be Any Easier »”]

Your PBC series Pinch Bag Closer uses HEAT and PRESSURE to seal and close your bags. The Pinch Bag Closer is designed to perform 2 primary functions: Seals the inner plastic liner within a multi-wall bag.
Close reactivates (melt) reapplied hot melt adhesive on the stepped top edge of the bag and then folds this over to form a closure.
The heat, pressure and time are electronically controlled from the HMI Screen.

The bag slides along on either gravity rollers or conveyors and the top of the bag is positioned manually in the infeed guides and continues along the conveyor until bag is positioned centrally. Once the foot switch or push button is engaged the PBC controls take over, the bag faces are flattened together by the mating faces to ensure even pressure and correct alignment.

To fuse an inner poly liner of a multi-wall paper bag requires heat from the seal bar which has 2 elements in the aluminum heated die. This process is controlled by a temperature control module within the PLC.

Once the top edge of the bag hits the bag stop plate, the fold line is formed against the stainless steel folding blade which is incorporated into the sealing bar. The folding plate rotates to 80° folding the top 40-50mm (1½” – 2”) of the bag with a parallel fold.

Finally the folding plate rotates back, applying pressure to the molten adhesive and then it to cools, bonding with the paper, creating siftproof bag. The Hot melt adhesive bonds to the paper and fill gaps to produce high-integrity barrier seals, eliminating the need for costly over-wraps or bags.

This results in a hermetically sealed bag and is commonly used in toxic products or products that are hydroscopic. Widely used to package fine powder products, premium pet foods, premix food products, animal feeds, chemical and hazardous products.

The closed sealed bag is then transferred to a non-stick compression belt section, providing a well fused seal.[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”For Sealing Your Open Mouth Bags »”]

For best results, make sure the bag is central in the PBC to ensure the sealing bar has contact with the entire face of the bag.

A good closure should have ‘fibre tear”. That is, the paper should tear, rather than the adhesive releasing when the closure is opened.

The Pinch Bag Closer is designed to operate with one of the smallest head spaces of any sealer available, but it still needs some head space above the product for efficient operation.

Note: Insufficient head space (ullage) to the unfilled space in a container of liquid above the product will make sealing and closing difficult, if not impossible. The correct bag size is therefore required to suit the product density/dustiness.


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  • Easy clean out and changeover for different sized bags
  • Universal and industrial components give themachinery extra long life cycles and parts being readily available from multiple suppliers. The way machinery should be built
  • Manufactured to comply above and beyond Australian Standards.
  • You don’t have to worry about dusty environments because your pneumatic and electrical control equipment are protected in positive pressure housing.
  • The Control System is based on the latest PLC technology, linked to touch screen HMI
  • Operator friendly easy set and forget controls, allows operator to test all functions on the Pinch Bag Closer.
  • Quick and easy commissioning due to single piece shipping and factory pretesting, the PBC is shipped pretested with seal temperatures and times that will suit MOST 2 ply and 3 ply bags.
  • Just uncrate plug and connect air and power and your ready to go.
  • PBC is fully adjustable, allowing for various bag sizes, conveyors and heights.
  • This PBC can be upgraded to link to further automated bagging systems. Our modular design adapts to the changing needs of your bulk packaging, Our equipment can integrate with automatic bag formers, neck stretchers, feed systems,conveyors, and further automation.
  • 620mm wide mouth suits most bag widths.
  • Height Adjustable Floor Stand allows bag length variance by 200mm (standard).
  • Stainless Steel provides Corrosion Resistant Construction, suitable for food standard quality.
  • Breakaway feature for easy service (No Tools Required)
  • PBC series Pinch Bag Closer is designed to work with your new or existing production line.[/spoiler]
[spoiler intro=”Pinch Bag Closer Technical Specifications »”]
ModelPBC (Pinch Bag Closer)
SpeedUp to 3 Sacks per minute
Suitable Bag DimensionHeight: 956mm +_ 100 mm adjustable up 200mm
Freeboard Above Product150mm
Bag TypesPOBM, (POM – Option) Flat Stepped End Bags up
to 250mm With single layer polyethylene liners
Air ConsumptionNeeds clean, cool dry air supplied at 80 PSI (5.52
bar) at 27 Litres (1 CFM) per cycle
Power240V AC 50 Hz 15 Amps Single Phase (Other
Power configuration available)
Weight150 kg
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PBC Pinchbag Closer Components-AWE Group

-Dimensions Of The PBC Pinch Bag Sealer-AWE GROUP
PBC Pinch Bag Sealer Dimension
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