Horizontal Auger Filler

Stop Over and Under Filling
Free-Flowing Powders or Granules

The Horizontal Auger Filler is ideal for uniform and controlled filling of free-flowing products. This is achieved because this type of auger filler is able to maintain the head pressure in the hopper. (If your auger hopper doesn’t have consistent fill levels, the auger bowl is affected by the variances in head pressure. This results in over-filled or short-filled bags.)

While maintaining steady head pressure in the hopper, the horizontal auger filler feeds into the bag, turning at a constant rotation, delivering the same amount of product into each and every bag.

Horizontal Auger Valve Packaging systems are ideal for filling powdery, granular and small block material in building material, chemical engineering, power, metallurgy, coal, grain industries.

Ideal for filling these free-flowing materials:
  • Polymers
  • Pellets
  • Tile Adhesives
  • Renders
  • Lime
  • Food Stuff
  • Easy clean out and changeover of new products without contamination
  • Accuracy via patented load cell technology
  • Operator friendly easy set and forget controls
  • Universal and industrial components give the machinery extra long life cycles
  • Manufactured to comply above and beyond Australian standards
  • Pneumatic and electrical control equipment in a positive pressure enclosure
  • Built from structural steel giving maximum strength with minimal dimensions
  • Two stage filling
  • Specifically designed  for abrasive products
  • Food grade variation also available

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