Fills up to 8 bags a minute

Fast Bagger for powders & granules

For the fastest dry solid packer, the PVPE Air Packer gives you reliable & fast bagging.

The PVPE Air Packer works by using air fluidisation and different pressures between the product chamber and the bag where the product is to be filled.

Differences in the air pressure results in the product flowing quickly into valve bags.

Designed To Bag Free Flowing, Non Clumping Powders and Granules.

Reasons to choose the PVPE:

  • High accuracy with patented loadcell technology
  • Air-flow feed-system provides high production rates
  • Easy clean-out & changeover of new products using accessible rear hatch
  • Speed can be adjusted manually for weight fine-tuning
  • Quick adjustment control to suit bag sizes
  • Operator friendly controls

Bag SizesValve SizeValve LengthBag WidthBag Height
Suit 50mm (2”) Fill
90 – 165mm long90 – 180mm Flat
300 – 900 mm
Filling Speed
1 to 8 bags per minute, depending on product density, valve size, bag weight, quality of
bag, accuracy required and product flow characteristics
Bag Weights
Up to 50 Kg
+/- 1% depending on filling speed, product bulk, flow characteristics, particle size, infeed
system and bag size. (Typically +/- 200g @ 6 bags/ min @ 20kg)
Base machine is 240 volt Single phase, 50 hz 1.4 amp
Air SystemCompressed Air34 CMH @ 800Kpa (8.0 Bar), Clean Dry Air *
Pressure Range500Kpa (5 Bar) - 1000Kpa (10 Bar)
Control Air1CMH @ 800Kpa (8 Bar), Clean Dry Air
Process AirCompressed Air (Typically)34CMH @ 100Kpa (1.0 Bar 20psi) **
OptionalPositive Displacement Blower150CMH @ 80Kpa (0.8 Bar 15psi) **
OptionalSide Channel Blower150CMH @ 50Kpa (0.5 Bar 15psi) **
Footprint 800 mm (w) x 1600mm (d) height 2350 mm (Under Silo)
Weighing System
Fitted as standard with load cell and precision digital read-out indicator/controller
Flow Control
Two stage main/ dribble feed cut off system on pinch gate
* When using Compressed Air for Control & Fluidising Air
** Requires 1CMH @ 800Kpa (8 Bar) compressed air for control

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    Dry Solids Compatible with PVPE »

    • Powders
    • Renders
    • Cement
    • Sand or Lime Products
    • Tile Adhesive
    • Flour
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Free-flowing foods
    • (Products sensitive to augering like Pierlite or Pedrite

    Our Clients »

    • Cement Australia
    • C-Mac Renders
    • CTA Australia
    • Incitec
    • Kiala Pure Foods
    • Parex Davco
    • Sika

    How the PVPE Air Packer Works »

    PVPE How it Works

    The Bags Contents Are Weighed By Gross Weight »

    Bradwood Packaging’s PVPE Packer tare/zeros the bag and adds product to the selected amount by weight. Our weighing system uses a specially designed scale to achieve market leading performance. This technology is a key point of difference between our Packers and the competition.

    PVPE Air Packer »

    What You Get With A PVPE Pneumatic Valve Packer »

    • Constructed from powder coated Mild Steel or selective Stainless Steel, so it’s built to last and makes cleaning a breeze
    • High accuracy via patented load cell technology
    • Easy clean out and changeover of new products without contamination via Submarine drop down style rear hatch
    • After Bradwood Packaging installs your PVPE you get hands on training and documentation, to maximise your ROI
    • The air flow feed system is capable of high production rates while maintaining good accuracy.
    • Operator friendly easy set and forget controls
    • Universal and industrial components give the machinery extra long life cycles the way machinery should be built
    • Manufactured to comply with Australian & International Standards
    • Pneumatic and electrical control equipment housed in positive pressure enclosure, ensuring dust free components
    • Built from structural steel giving maximum strength with minimal dimensions
    • Additional second stage filling hand wheel for trimming bag fill weight
    • Industrial high strength anti- wearing butterfly valve specifically designed for abrasive products
    • Quick adjustment to suit your bag sizes
    • The heart of PVPE is your PLC controller interface, it’s simple to operate, your operators will have it all at the tip of their fingers
    • Don’t worry about security, because you can add password protected operator access levels
    • A flexible and modular Packaging System which can be interfaced with most filling systems and check weighers. The same controlpanel can be extended to operate all packers and weighers
    • The PVPE uses top European quality pneumatic and electroniccomponents ,such as Festo, Metalwork, Schneider, SMC
    • PLC controller interface
    • 200 -250 v AC Supply (Other Power configuration available)
    • Simple Bag Kicker Or (Your Choice Of Bag Discharge) Pressure & Product Chamber

    Can I Customise the PVPE packer? »

    Confirm with Sales Engineers that your product is suitable for
    packing with the PVPE Packer

    So when you order your PVPE it comes with:

    • PLC controller interface
    • 200 -250 v AC Supply (Other Power configuration available)
    • Simple Bag Kicker Or (Your Choice Of Bag Discharge)

    Get More Out Of Your PVPE Pneumatic Valve Packing

    • Connecting a Dust Collection Vacuum System To Reduce Dust Around The Fill Nozzle
    • Positive DisplacementBlower
    • Side Channel Blower
    • Left Hand Bag Chair
    • Right Hand Bag Chair
    • Discharge Chute
    • Out-feed Conveyor
    • Inlet Surge Bins
    • Left Hand Machine Build
    • Multiple Bag Collision Sensors
    • Automatic Bag Loader (Arm Loader)
    • Manual Valve Tuck Positioner (Foot Switch)
    • Bulk Bag Filling Outlet

    Further Options for Machinery In The Production Line

    • Bag Flatteners
    • Conveyors
    • Check Weigher
    • Palletizers
    • Self Leveling Palletizers
    • Ultrasonic Sealers

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