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Forklift Tyne Weigher

Low Price Tag. WiFi Compatible. Maintenance Free.

Forklift Tyne Weigher, An Entry Level Onboard Weighing Solution.

The Forklift Tyne Weigher System is a great onboard weighing solution for forklifts, reach trucks and side loaders. It has a simple, easy-to-install design with a low price tag.

The Forklift Tyne Weigher is designed with accuracy and speed in mind.  This system enables the operator to capture the weight of any given pallet or load picked up on the spot without having to deviate from their normal loading or unloading course.  Capture the weight as you unload from a truck and be able to select the position on the racking- now, that’s smart.

Installation of the scale involves removing the existing fork tynes from the carriage and replacing with this unit. The digital indicator is mounted within easy reach and sight of the operator.

Our solid state design is virtually maintenance-free with no moving parts, hydraulics or electro-mechanical devices to
service. Priced right for your budget and built for applications just like yours, the benefit of this on-board scale certainly meets the demand of your work place.

Top Features:
  • WiFi link direct to indicator
  • Ultra-low power
  • High resistance load cells
  • Multiple instruments depending on complexity of task required
  • High accuracy
  • Shock burst technology
  • Compact + robust design
  • Fits all makes of forklift trucks
  • Max capacity: 2,500 kg, 3,000kg,  5,000kg
  • Runs on 12 months on a single set of batteries or can be wired directly to power source

Forklift Tyne Weigher Technical Specifications


Capacity2,500 KG3,000 KG5,000 KG
Graduation1/2 KGMulti-range 1/2 KGMulti-rate 2/5 KG
System tolerance
0.1% of the lifted load
Overload protection
Protection class
Via spiral cable
Power supply
From forklift truck battery - via regulator

2,500 KG Capacity
3,000 KG Capacity
5,000 KG Capacity
A Fork length
1150 mm
1150 mm
1150 mm
B Fork width
133 mm
153 mm
173 mm
C Height above carriage
68 mm
68 mm
70 mm
D Height of carriage
407 mm
508 mm
508 mm
E Fork drop* A/B
76 mm/152 mm
76 mm/203 mm
76 mm/203 mm
F Distance between carriage and stop plate
80 mm
80 mm
100 mm
G Thickness of forktip
15 mm
15 mm
15 mm
H Width of housing
96 mm
116 mm
121 mm
I Width of outside fork
55 mm
55 mm
55 mm
J Height of stop plate
90 mm
90 mm
90 mm
K Fork height
58 mm
58 mm
73 mm

Weight per fork

67 KG
79 KG
119 KG

How it works

The Forklift Tyne Weigher has four (4) high quality AGX
load cells built into the tynes. These tynes fit to the
forklift carriage with no need for custom work. When a
load is lifted on the tynes, the pressure is sensed on the
load cells and the data is sent wirelessly to the digital
indicator inside the cabin.

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