Interview with John Lovatt from 1st Fleet

AWESYD2Onboard Weighing Brochure

What’s your role?
National security manager for 1st Fleet

How long have you been in that role?
12 years

So tell me about the your relationship with AWE?
We meet them over 10 years ago. We had a location we wanted to put in a weighbridge and the next door to a metal yard, they were putting in a weighbridge there. So I went and made myself known & our relationship grew from there.

We now have weighbridges and onboard weighing systems, in the Eastern seaboard in 3 states. Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. We  are express operations, its important to have a weighing solution because if you go out on public street & the RTA will then breach you for exceeding your weights, so it’s very costly. So we have to have operational weighbridges or onboard weighing solutions 24/7 7 days a week.

Has it always been the case?
Yes, more so in the last 5 years because of all the government controlling bodies aren’t tolerating people overloading their trucks and trailers.

So basically having a Weighing Solution it saves you money?
Oh yes, More its $10,000 per tonnes for some fines, so it pays for it self in no time.

So tell me about the weighbridges you got from AWE?
Similar to the one behind you, only longer in Melbourne & the same in Brisbane.

Why are the AWE Weighing Solution so good, why do you choose them?
There service is good, there bridges are reliable, we load about 20 B doubles night- day, so there a lot of traffic that goes over them. Very little maintenance, but when I do have problem, it’s only a matter of a phone call their there. If not immediately, depending on the emergency.

So obviously it’s their reliability and service?
Is Good

So if another weighbridge company came to you?
I wouldn’t go, I’m happy with what I got.

If someone was looking for a Weighing Solution and asked for your suggestion, of who is best to go with?
I’d refer them to Tim at AWE, because of the service we been getting, we had over the years, the reliability of the bridge and the customers service. When ever you pick up the phone someone will answer 24/7.

Any thing else?
They’re a great company to do business with.