The 3 Must Have Elements, To Make Sure Your Onboard Weighing System, Keeps Working?

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If your business relies on keeping your trucks on the road, then you need Scorpion Onboard Weighing, which will stand up to the daily punishing abuse, it cops on your trucks. From AWE’s 30 years of experience designing & installing robust Weighbridges they have found your Scorpion Onboard Weighing must have 3 elements: Strength, Reliability and Qualified Trades People/ Service.

It’s like 3 legged stool, leave out an element and it’s pretty wobbly. Not the desired effect, if you want make sure your drivers aren’t driving overloaded trucks.

Structural Integrity

Structural integrity is vital for accurate weighing, because we know if your onboard weighing fails, then it can be costly with downtime or worse, your
trucks being picked up for being overloaded and breaching CoR Laws.

  • Hermetically sealed, load cells, made from 4340 heated & treated steel
  • Mounting Brackets 12mm heavy duty steel,to reduce excessive flexing when loaded, so you get accurate weight


AWE’s Scorpion Onboard Weighing is designed for Australian conditions and a lifetime of heavy duty weighing. Our proven, robust are designed,
engineered and manufactured, to the highest standards to provide our customers with a lifetime of reliable and accurate service.

  • Rite Weigh Scale Pty Ltd is Quality Endorsed Company, QMS – AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000

Qualified Skilled Tradesmen the 3rd Leg

AWE understands its more than just delivering a well built & designed weighing solution. it also requires a team of dedicated people who care and are there to back you up with great Service & Support. AWE believe so strongly in only using qualify skilled tradesmen, we refuse to outsource, because fines from a onboard weighing failure could ruin your business.

The quality of our team sets as apart, as most companies can only offer these services by outsourcing to the cheapest contractor. In the unlikely case of breakdown, we know downtime is costly and service is required, quickly with accurate attention.

AWE’s Service Technicians Are On Call 24/7, Because We Know Breakdowns Don’t Always Happen In Business Hours.

The service guys are there when you need them. If your onboard weighing goes down, 5.00pm on Friday. You need technician to turn up or If you need them at 11pm Saturday they will be there. That’s a promise, because Down-time is an important issue when a breakdown occurs.