FABRICATION & GENERAL Engineering Services

All states Machining systems start at simple systems but can go to fully automated systems to suit your process including all the componentry for a complete materials handling solution from start to finish. Products in our range include silos, storage bins and hoppers, rotary valves, mixers, diverter valves, bulk bag stations, bin activation, augers, mechanical & pneumatic conveyors, bucket elevators, batch weighers, packaging machinery etc please see our sister companies website and follow the links through for further information

All states Machining has been manufacturing Bulk material loading and unloading systems for 30 years and has the experience to offer the best system for each product and application as required. Our systems and enginuitity are one of the world’s most effective solutions for dry bulk materials. We guarantee our solutions and products, along with this guarantee we use our experience to customise the solutions we have in our armoury to suit the process not the process to suit our solutions.

Just like all great machinery often one size does not fit all .To Allstates it does not matter what size , capacity ,shape of product you are conveying if we have not already designed a system for your application we will customise a new design to your solution. We can manufacture to suit varying heights, capacities, widths, inlet and outlets, additional options, breakers, and along with the thousand other options available.

All Allstates machinery complies with the latest local and international standards. Dust free operation is highest in mind when supplying any loading or unloading system, simplicity is still kept in mind for fast and safe operation but with the durability to last

Our systems are available to operate in isolation, or can be designed to work in conjunction with a number of solutions such as Silos and tanks ,big bag and sack handling products, pneumatic / mechanical conveyors etc. Allstates engineers can design and install a comprehensive turnkey system including the control systems. Additionally controls and equipment can be produced to meet the requirements of the intrinsically safe, dust explosion directives regarding flammable and explosive atmospheres.