Electronic Pit Type Rail Road Track Scale

AWESYD2Weighbridges Brochure

The massive constructed, heavy steel weighbridege is stabilized laterally with checkrods and other specially designed restraints. Weighrails are sealed into the platform. Special design techniques and manufacturing procedures prevent excessive moiosture, dirt and foreign materials from entering the pit.

No Moving Parts..
This rugged electronic scale design provides accuracy, dependability, and exceptionally long-term service. Since there are no moving parts, no replacement of intricate, sensitive or delicate scale mechanism will be needed. Down time is infrequent and longevity is assured. Load cells are hermetically sealed against moisture. Optional stainless load cells are available for added service.

Minimum Maintenance…
Massive structural weighbridge design reduces maintenance to a simple periodic inspection of checkrods, position of load cells and proper alignment of weighbridge.

“ESP” Protection…
This “ESP” feature – Extra Special Protection – safeguards load cells and instrumentation, thus assuring the protection of the total scale weighing system. Special grounding techniques and voltage suppressors are vital aids in preventing over voltage and breakdown of load cells and components within the weight indicator.

Weighbridge Design…
This unique weighbridges design prevents lateral forces, caused from rail traffic going on and off platform, from being transmitted to load cells. Special load cell restraints contain flexures which maintain proper position of a load bearing plates. These special restraints also include shock absorbent material which absorbs the shock created from heavy railroad traffic. This design permits the weighbridge to move across this assembly when necessary, s that if expansion or contraction of the weighbridge occurs, it does not create a side load on the load cells. In effect, the weighbridge floats on the top of the assemblies and is held in proper position by heavy-duty checkrods.

Complete The Railway Weighing Systems..
With one of our digital weights displays like the AWE!)) which offers many features such as LCD display – keypad tare – gross, tare, and net printing and lb/kg conversion, to name a few. Output and presets allow virtually any type of custom system to be furnished for control and /or recording.