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Silos and Bulk Tanks

Custom Built Silo Hopper & Tank Solutions Designed, Manufactured And Installed Using The World’s Best Practices

Fully Customised Bulk Handling Solutions.

Whatever size, capacity, shape and application, we can help design, fabricate and install silos, tanks and materials handling processes.

  • Your Ideas: Our Expertise

    Whether you choose an existing pre-fabricated system or need to draft a customised solution, we can flesh out a working design that can be manufactured and installed on your site.

  • 100's of Options Available

    We can manufacture silo hoppers & tanks to suit varying heights, capacities, widths, inlet and outlets. Our silo hoppers & tanks can be fitted with breakers, dust collectors, level controls, associated piping, special valving and over a hundred other available options.

  • International Quality

    Our solutions comply to Australian and International Standards.

  • Safety Assurance

    Safety is a critical issue, so when supplying any system a full risk assessment is carried out. All our systems are engineered and supported by written documentation so you can rest easy.

What product are you processing?

Properties of your product will determine the kind of silo or tank you need.

To make sure you get the right equipment for your job, consideration needs to be given to the type of product being processed.

Properties like bulk, density, abrasiveness, angle of repose, ignition energy, and the general ability for your product to flow are assessed.


Map Your Space

Your work space dictates the physical dimensions of the equipment you need.

Whatever the size of your factory, our team can propose solutions to meet your current and future needs.

We also have designs that allow silos too large for transportation to be assembled in bolted or rolled modular sections.


On or Off Site Manufacturing

Cost of transporting off-site silos need to be calculated
in order make this major decision

If the diameter of the silo or tank is greater than 3.5 m the cost of transportation may be too expensive for off-site manufacturing. These large silos may need to be manufactured on site.

For onsite silo or tank manufacturing you will also need to calculate the cost of moving or re-appropriating your current operational space.

Transportation legal height requirements

Another consideration is the challenge of transporting large silos or tanks. For silos or tanks with diameters up to 4.3 meters, they can be transported on low loading docks, but must be lifted to a maximum of 4.8 meters from the ground. If your silo or tank need to be lifted any higher than the legal 4.3 meters, power lines may need to be lifted and these additional costs need to considered.


Materials available for silos & tanks:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Glass-lined Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Concrete


Silos & tanks can made from (carbon steel, stainless steel and glass-lined steel), either by factory or on-site welding.

They can also be made of fiberglass and concrete.

The silos & tanks can be factory welded, bolted steel & onsite welded.

Bolted Carbon Steel Tanks are excellent choices for larger jobs due to their quick installation and can also have a corrosion resistant epoxy coating added. They also have the benefit of being able to be disassembled and moved to another location. They can be installed without highly skilled labour, with only a supervisor to guide the installation.

On site Welded Steel Tanks may hold very large volumes of product. We offer onsite welded tanks of up to 300 cubic metres in size.

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