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Stainless Steel Tanks, Liquid Storage and Blending Tanks

World’s Most User-Friendly And Versatile Load Cell Controller, Panel Mounted

The AWE Group builds Stainless Steel Tanks for liquid storage and blending tanks & systems, from 50 to 100,000 litres for liquid & viscous products.. These liquid tanks & systems can be custom made to suit your manufacturing needs. From Tanks to Batch Mixers AWE Group has a system to suit your requirements.

Key Features:

Liquid Storage and Blending Tanks Bradwood Packaging builds stainless Steel Tanks & liquid storage and blending tanks & systems, from 50 to 100,000 litres for liquid & viscous products. These liquid tanks & systems can be custom made to suit your manufacturing needs.

For 30 years Bradwood Packaging has built its reputation on delivering outstanding equipment and unique solutions to the process industry. Your plant is a system requiring a broad range of mechanical and electrical disciplines to optimise its performance/ Bradwood Packaging technical expertise was built on years of experience designing and fabricating production lines.

From Stainless Steel Tanks to Batch Mixers Bradwood Packaging has a system to suit your requirements. When you think of process think of Bradwood Packaging.

If you’re planning a project using Stainless Steel Tanks & Storage & Blending Tanks, or associated process then talk to Bradwood Packaging about our solutions. We can take the project from concept, quotation, right through to manufacturing & installation.

Bradwood Packaging Liquid Storage Stainless Steel Tanks Are Designed And Manufactured To The Standards of The Food, Dairy, Chemical, Pharmaceutical And Beverage Industries.

Our tanks are design and constructed to sanitary standards. We offer various finishes to suit your application. Contact surfaces are polished to remove imperfections from the fabrication process. There are many types of finishes Bradwood Packaging have to offer from the basic mill finish (#2B), a brushed finish (#4), A polished reflective finish (#7) through to a wide range of electropolished finishes (#10).

Customization is the “Norm” for Bradwood Packaging. Rarely does an out of the box solution fit our client’s applications. We design, draft, and manufacture tank/systems customised to your exact requirements.


Widely Applicable To Food, Dairy Products, Fruit Juice, Beverage, Pharmacy, Chemical, Biological Engineering Industries Etc.

Stainless Steel Liquid Storage Tank from 50 – 100,000 Litres


  • Jacketed tanks Insulation, steam or glycol (cooling or heating)
  • Stainless Steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L etc to food & sanitary standard
  • Designed with the workers safety in mind
  • Easy to clean, because we pay attention to the detail. There are no lips or crevices to gather bugs, and all welds are seamless. We can include spray balls.
  • Quick Opening Manhole , With Safety Interlocks
  • Thermometer And Level Sensors With Wells
  • CIP Cleaning Devices , Such As Spray Balls, And Reticulating Systems
  • Anti-foaming Inlets
  • A complete range of valve options for pneumatic, electric or manual operation. We also have solutions for explosive atmospheres.
  • Full Range Of Pumps, Centifugal, Diaphragm, Lobe, Batwing, Geared Pump Etc
  • Filters And Strainers With Easy And Quick Access For Cleaning
  • Various Mixers And Blending Solutions

Heavy Gauge Construction with various finishes

  • Economy Tanks: No. 2B Finish In and Out with Inside Welds Ground Flush and Polished; Outside Welds have Heat Marks and Burrs Removed
    • Special Tanks: construction is available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 304, 316 & 316L materials with “clean design” and various polished/Coated surface profiles. We have the capacity to manufacture high end tanks with amazing finishes.

    All Types of Fittings Available To suit your site requirement

Agitation, Mixing & Storage Tanks Options
Liquid Bulk Storage TanksMetering pumps
Portable TanksFilters
Vertical Water Storage TanksIndustrial or Sanitary Design, GMP as Specified
Large Oil TanksHeating or Cooling
Waste Water TankPressure or Vacuum
Process TanksHeating/Cooling Temp Control
Low Shear Mixing SystemMan Ways and Ports
High Shear Mixing, Dispersing and HomogenizingSight Glass
Sanitary PumpsPressure Relief Valves
Loadcells & InstrumentationCIP System

AWE Group manufactures a broad range of agitation systems

  • From Simple Paddles
  • High Flow Propellers
  • Side And Bottom Scrapers
  • Vertical Offset
  • Dual Motion High/Low Speed
  • Bottom Sweep Paddles
  • Axial Flow Turbines
  • High Shear Mixers
  • Turbine Mixers
  • Cookers

The list is endless, it really depends on the needs of your mixing. We have expertise in solving your agitation problems please consult with one of engineering or sales staff for the right solution.

Bradwood Packaging Tanks & Systems can be fitted with a complete range of accessories:

  • Stainless Steel & Steel Tanks
  • Walkways
  • Pipework
  • Structural requirements
  • Loadcells
  • Instrumentation
  • Fittings and dimple plate/cavity wrap
  • Flat bottoms on the ground or on legs

A full line of fill, mixing and discharge accessories are available from Bradwood Packaging. Let us help design the bulk material storage system that is best for you at the best price available.[/spoiler][spoiler intro

We take safety seriously, because we know accidents can have a deadly and expensive consequences. Keeping your workers safe increases your productivity.


Jacketed Tanks: Bradwood Packaging manufacturers jacketed tanks in both pressure and vacuum versions. All stainless steel tanks comply with the recognised Australian and international standards. Our tanks may be constructed with an additional skin which is packed with insulation to improve efficiency and lower the outside tank surface temperature. Some Heat Transfer Systems we offer are:

  • Dimple Jacket
  • Half Pipe
  • Steam
  • Internal Coil
  • Electric banding
  • Hot Water
  • Plate & Jacketed

Don’t forget about our range of heat exchangers from plate to tube and shell we have the solution to reduce or eliminate hammer , cleaning processes and speed of operation. Bradwood Packaging designs & manufacture quality heat exchangers. Loadcell Arrangement Dimple Jacket We take safety seriously, because we know accidents can have a deadly and expensive consequences. Keeping your workers safe increases your productivity.

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