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The Plough Shear Mixer is a high speed mixer for Powders & Granules. In the mixing process, the raw materials are mixed by the horizontal plough shaped mixing blades mounted on a central shaft.

The high speed of the overlapping plough blades produces a good mixing action and high turbulence, resulting in a short mixing time. High speed choppers can be added to the Plough Shear mixer, creating greater turbulence also reducing the product particle size, giving a finer mix.

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1. The Plough Shear mixer is an innovative mixer which is widely used in powder mixing solutions.

2. High accuracy mixing. High speed plough shears and choppers accelerate raw material convection and diffusion in the drum.

3. Short batch mixing time. Whole mixing process is shortened through this high shear movement.

4. The minimal gap between plough shear and vessel ensures mixing efficiency and minimal dead spots as well as residue.

5. Air purge seal and packing seal for the main shaft seal results in low maintenance and long service life.

6. High speed choppers contribute to breaking the lumps and agglomerates.

7. For different materials or technological process, there are variable discharge valves and control types.

8. The mixer is easy to install and maintain.

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  • Optimal mixing homogeneity
  • Short mixing time
  • Excellent reproducibility of batch production
  • Minimum wear and low maintenance
  • Easy access to mixer/ Easy to clean
  • Excellent mixing at any product level
  • Wide applications
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  • Applications in Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical & Food industries (Cosmetics, Animal Feed, Metallurgy, Battery, Construction Material, Ceramic Powder, Mining Industry)
  • Bulk powder in dry / dry solids
  • Granulation of powders
  • Quick and homogeneous mixing of rubber, and heavy plastic masses
  • Extending, dispersion of pigments & dyes in carrier bulk powders
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Main shaft
speed (rpm)
speed (rpm)
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