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Horizontal Helical Blade Mixer

Has 4 Mixing Elements That Provides Significant Benefits Over The Conventional Ribbon/ Spiral Mixer. Gives A Fast, Gentle Mix With Low Power Consumption

What You Get With The Horizontal Helical Blade Mixer:
  • The Omega shape of the mixing shell ensures all the product is entrained by the helical blades and with the addition of a cylindrical shell and scraper blades for thick pastes materials all surfaces are swept.
  • The Helical blades lift and fold the mixture in an end to end pattern giving the versatility to mix dry and damp powders, pastes, slurries and liquids.
  • The mixing is so efficient trace and minor ingredients can be added directly into the mixer avoiding the need for a pre mix.
  •  Accurate scale up from our pilot scale test machines can be guaranteed using test results to calculate the Mixing blade size and power to the batch size you require.
  • Our continuing test and development program ensures you have the latest technology built into your mixer and a future upgrade path using the same length to diameter ratio and standard parts across our horizontal mixer range.
  • Easy to clean with our Patented Clean arm attachment and only 4 mixing blades for any size of machine.
  • Simple design, minimum number of working parts; the drive in particular can be obtained ‘off the shelf’ from many suppliers. This results in a lower capital cost, less maintenance and shorter cleaning times.
  • A range of options easily incorporated to extend processing applications.
  • Batch and continuous machines available in sizes ranging from laboratory to large mass production units.
  • Dry cell battery powders
  • Tile Adhesive
  •  Mayonnaise and seafood mixes
  • Catering recipes
  • Fine chemical powder mixing
  • Powdered soup mixes
  • Breakfast cereals prior to extrusion
  • Powdered drinks
  • Flour batter mixes
  • Spice and flavours
  • Meat mixes
  • Thick slurry mixing
  • Toiletry preparations
  • Resin based pastes
  • Plastic powders and granules

To ensure that our mixers will meet the exact requirements of your process and plant layout, options include:

  • Any number of feed arrangements.
  • A variety of discharge options including rising plug valves, bomb doors and rotating discharge.
  • Air purged glands or mechanical seals.
  • Pressure rated Q & A sampling valves.
  • Jacketed for heating and cooling.
  • Pressure or vacuum designed shells.
  • Liquid addition spray systems.
  • Polished, bead blast or coated finishes.
  • ATEX / Explosion rated machines.
  • Electrical and instrument systems and controls.
  • High shear refiners, cutters, choppers.[

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