High Speed Plough Mixer

The Horizontal Delta Blade Mixer is an innovative development of the high speed plough mixer

The Horizontal Delta Blade Mixer combines the features of a plough mixer with an agitator with high shear elements resulting in the fluidising of the mixture. This means intensive short mixing times + reduced operating costs.

Applications for the Horizontal Delta Blade Mixer ranges from Powdered Food additives and Spices to Building Materials and Battery Chemical Pastes.

Top features:

  1. Short length to Diameter for quicker end to end mixing.
  1. The Delta blade provides differential displacement of the product formulation improving mixing and discharge efficiency leading to reduced processing time.
  1. The blade support arm, enables more attrition to be imparted during mixing without additional power. This reduces the number of high speed cutters that are necessary with plough share mixers and in some instances cutters are not needed at all. It also reduces adherence of mixed and unmixed product
  1. Computer aided design and the latest fabrication techniques are used to produce
  1. A pressed mixing blade and supporting plate arm exactly matched to the Mixer size which reduces the surface area to clean and power consumed.
  1. Complete circular shell
  1. Mixing elements sweep all surfaces, ideal for fitting heating/cooling jackets and creating internal pressure/vacuum conditions.
  1. Low operating costs.
  1. Batch or continuous, sizes ranging from laboratory to large mass production units.

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