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[spoiler intro=”The Bulk Bag Filling Systems has the Lowest ‘Cost of Ownership’, because its efficiency will reduce your
time & labour filling Big Bags. »”]Bulk Bag Filling Systems offer a clean, efficient and effective means for filling free flowing dry solid  materials & powders contained in Bulk Bags.Bulk Bag Filling System are ideal for free flowing products and powders, in large quantities.The Bulk Bag Filling System can handle Bulk bags up to 2000mm high and weighing up to 2000kg.Bulk Bag Filling System, are also commonly known as Bulk Bag Fillers, Big Bag Fillers, Bag Frames  and FIBC Fillers.Bradwood Packaging has been manufacturing Bulk Bag Filling System for 30 years and has the experience to offer the best system for your product. Our Bulk Bag Filling System is one of the world’s most effective solutions for filling bulk bags.

Weigh & volumetric can be combined to offer a weighing solution, allowing the speed of volumetric with the accuracy of net weighing filling. [/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”Bulk Bag Filling Systems »”]Bulk Bag Filling Systems offer a clean, efficient and effective means for filling free flowing dry solid materials & powders contained in Bulk Bags.

The Bulk Bag Filling System’s frame supports the bulk bags, by hooks. The bags can be lifted onto the Bulk Bag Filling frame, by Forklift, Hoists or Cranes.

The Bulk Bag Filling System can handle Bulk bags up to 2000mm high and weighing up to 2000kg.

Bradwood Packaging builds machinery to comply with Australian and International Standards. Safety is a critical issue when supplying any filling system. Simplicity is still kept in mind for fast and safe operation but with the durability to last.

Our systems are available to operate in isolation, or can be designed to work in conjunction with a number of feeding solutions such as IBC’S, Silos and Tanks, Big Bag and Sack Handling Products.[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”Why Use Bulk Bag Filling Systems »”]Total Evacuation

Bulk Bag systems fully evacuate the surge hopper being discharged and the conveyor line. This limits cross contamination of multi-ingredient systems. Complete transfer of material also ensures accurate transfer of single or multiple ingredients, maximizing quality with minimal waste.

High Reliability and Ease of Maintenance

Bulk Bag systems allow for easy cleaning and maintenance through easy to maintain equipment and associated accessories.

Mobile and Custom Configuration

Self-contained Bulk Bag systems are available pre-engineered and configured on castor mounted frames for mobility within your plant or forklift moveable as a standard option. Packages include many options from the options list.

Designed, Constructed and Finished to Industrial and Sanitary Standards

Bulk Bag Filling systems are available in carbon steel with durable industrial finishes or stainless steel to standards required for food, dairy and pharmaceutical applications.[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”Applications Across Many Industries »”]

Bulk Bag filling systems successfully transfer an enormous range of products, both free-flowing, clumping, powdery or otherwise, across many industries. They are noted for their efficiency and ease of operation.

In the food, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries, a virtually unlimited range of materials can be handled. Applications include salt, sugar, flour, starch, spices (food) or yeast granules, glucose, talc, paracetamol (pharmacy) etc. Other sectors using this system include the chemical, plastic, water and mineral industries, PVC resins, lime, silica sands, soda ash, iron oxides, calcium carbonates, quartz, fly ash, talcs, detergents etc.

All installations for conveying and feeding have the ability for single or multiple point feeding and discharge points allowing huge flexibility with minimal additional componentry. The units can be ordered as basic units and can have options added to the units at a later date when factory expansion requires. Discuss this with your local Bradwood Packaging Sales representative.[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”Bulk Bag Filling Support Frame »”]

To protect your Workers from OH&S issues involved in placing and removing bulk bags, the Bulk Bag Filling system should be designed to keep them safe at all times.

Upper and lower bulk bag unloader frame combine to safely support and contain the bulk bag and its materials. The bulk bag is loaded into the bag frame by a dedicated hoist, forklift, crane or persons, depending on speeds required.

Forklift Loading

The Frame of Bulk Bag Filling System has been designed with a standard capacity of 2000 kg and is constructed of 100mm RHS. The upper frame section has 1000mm of height adjustability to accommodate the different size bags.

Hand Loading

Hand loading the empty bulk bags is the most common method of placing the bags. The bags placement has been designed, with a number of options to help the operators improve the speed of filling more bags.


A complete lower frame is available for applications where customers have an existing Crane Hoist Monorail System.[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”Bulk Bag Hangers »”]

The bulk bag is attached to a bag hanger for raising and positioning the bag into the Bulk Bag Filling support frame. All bag hangers allow easy attachment of the bag loops while securely holding the bag in place within the Bulk Bag Filling System.

Bag hangers can add options to retain bulk bag liners and prevent bag liners from extruding through the discharge spout into the downstream process equipment during bulk bag filling.

Bradwood Packaging systems go beyond simple bulk storage systems with further componentry for a complete materials handling solution from start to finish. Other products in our range include bulk bags fillers / emptiers, storage bins and hoppers, rotary valves, mixers, diverter valves, bin activation, augers, mechanical & pneumatic conveyors, bucket elevators, batch weighers, packaging machinery. Please see our videos of our bulk materials equipment as well as our turn key plant solutions.[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”Bulk Bag Placing »”]

The operator has various options to access the discharge spout of the Bulk Bag Filling system, depending on the bag style and dry material flow characteristics. The Bulk Bag Filling System has been designed to give user-friendly access to open and seal the bulk bag’s spout. It provides dust-free and complete material discharge from the bag as well.[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”How Does the Bulk Bag Filling System Weigh Your Product? »”]

Weigh & volumetric can be combined to offer a weighing solution, allowing the speed of a volumetric filler with the accuracy of net weighing.

Our system uses scale feedback to monitor the filler and correct any inaccuracy. You won’t want to deliver too much or too little to the consumer, but you will want to pack as fast as possible.

The biggest headaches in packing & filling is the dreaded bottleneck. The speed of your plant is determined by your constraints, which often is the filler and the check weigher.

So you need to match your weighing system to the same speed as a machine can fill. There’s no point having super fast filling, if the weighing, becomes a bottleneck.

Volume: Using a servo-drive to control the acceleration, speed and number of revolutions to dispense the required amount of product. We achieve speeds of up to 5000rpm and stop in 0.2 seconds with this technology. This is the lowest cost and fastest solution with an option to weigh samples and correct fills by weight. Without this scale feedback, you rely on manual adjustment of a product with good volumetric repeatabilty.

Weight: Using scales to accurately control the servo system to the required fill. The system uses programmable fill points for fast and slow-feed into your container. This method is used for non-homogeneous powders where the repeat accuracy of each volumetrically delivered amount is not consistent and weighing while filling is the best solution.

Combination: Using both Volume & Weigh filling to maximize container capacity

Use volumetric filling to fill your container to 95% of it’s final weight and then index to the weigh station to top up precisely. At higher capital cost, this option offers the benefit of filling accurately by weight with high throughput. It suits most auger suitable powders.

Weigh & volumetric can be combined to offer a weighing solution, allowing the speed of volumetric with the accuracy of net weighing filling.[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”Conveying & Processing Interfaces »”]

A wide variety of options are available to integrate bulk bag unloaders with material conveying systems and downstream process equipment. The material flow characteristics and the specifics of the customer’s bulk bag filling application dictate the type of bulk bag discharger interface utilized.

Surge Hopper

Surge Hoppers with various capacity, can be utilised to provide continuous material supply while removing empty bags and loading full bags into the Bulk Bag Emptier. The inlet to the surge hoppers are typically connected to a bag spout interface option while the discharge is often connected to a conveying system.

Agitator Hopper

This U-shaped hopper has a mechanical agitator which eliminates the potential of material bridging or forming a rat hole above the inlet to material conveying equipment. The design of the agitator draws the material away from the sides, directing it through the center discharge on a consistent and reliable basis.

Combination Hopper

The combination hopper allows filling of small bags, sacks, drums, and other containers in addition to bulk bags. Combination hoppers can be fitted integral dust collectors or tube stubs for connection to centralized dust collection systems.

Size Reduction Equipment

Rotating shaft(s) with staggered breaker bars deagglomerates materials as they pass through stators to reduce materials to a conveyable particle size.

Feeder Systems

Volumetric and loss-in-weight feeders are utilised to control the transfer of materials directly from the bulk bag discharger to conveying or downstream process equipment.[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”Associated Equipment »”]

  • Sack/Box tip and bulk bag combination stations
  • Rigid bin and bulk bag combination stations
  • Bulk bag and rigid IBC filling equipment

Bradwood Packaging offers more solutions in a wide range of Bulk Bag filling or filling, vacuum pressurised systems, to mechanical based feeding and conveying.[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”We Do Everything To Ensure Safe Operation »”]

We take safety seriously, because we know accidents can have deadly and expensive consequences. Keeping your workers safe increases your productivity.

The safety of bulk bag filling operators during the entire sequence of handling, loading, untying, filling, retying, and removing bulk bags is paramount in bulk bag filling design. From safety interlocks to structurally sound discharger design and construction, process equipment operator safety is considered during every step of the bulk bag filling process.

All Bradwood Packaging machinery complies with the latest local and international standards. Dust-free operation is highest in mind when supplying any filling system, simplicity is still kept in mind for fast and safe operation but with the durability to last.

Safety Interlock Switches

Our machinery is fitted with safety interlock switches to prevent the operator from accessing moving mechanical equipment.

Bag Present Sensors

Bag present sensors disables moving mechanical equipment unless the bulk bag is in the proper location for discharging.

Exceeds Structural Standards

The Bradwood Packaging Bulk Bagging Filling System has been designed and built to exceed Australian Standards.

Frame-mounted Hoist Controls

The Hard-wired controls are mounted on the lower framework of the Buk Bag Filling System. The Hard-wired controls prevents the operator from standing under a bulk bag when it’s ready positioned for discharging.

Integrated Dust Collector

Protect surrounding facilities, equipment, and operators from escaped airborne material, reduce maintenance and ensure ongoing operation.[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”Options for Bulk Bag Filling System »”]

1. Robust & Safe Lifting frame provides safe bag handling (s)

2. Enclosure over bulk bag for removal of exposure to hazardous material (o)

3. Forklift frames(s)

4. Spring loaded frames (o)

5. Bag Agitators for efficient filling(o)

6. Net Weighers, Gross Weighers or Volumetric Filling (o)

7. Vibrators on main hopper(o)

8. Aeration on main hopper pneumatic(o)

9. Dust collection (o)

10. Dust collection points(S)

11. Inflatable throats on bulk bag inlets (o)

12. Screw Feeders/augers (o)

13. Load cells & batching systems(o)

14. Portable designs(o)

15. Hydraulic or Pneumatic Bulk Bag conditioning (o)

16. Gravity hoppers with quick opening doors(s)

17. Painted mild steel construction (s)

18. Galvanized or stainless steel frames(o)

19. Flat discharge hopper(s)

20. Conical discharge hopper (more suitable for varying bulk bag sizes

21. Vibrators for poor flowing products) (o)

(o) = optional

(s) = standard[/spoiler] [wptabs mode=”horizontal”] [wptabtitle]Brochure[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

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