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Benefits of Onboard Weighing Systems

What Is An Onboard Weighing Systems?

Onboard Weighing means the ability to weigh a load in real time, mostly used in transportation devices. Onboard Weighing lets the drivers monitor the truck’s load without needing to transport the load to a scale while quickly recording the weight. Onboard Weighing Systems has various formats but most of them come with the use of sensors installed on the machines themselves which then triggers a pressure test allowing drivers to know the weight that is loaded into the machine. Thanks to the portability of an Onboard Weighing System, you will be able to weigh your truck’s load quickly and seamlessly wherever you are.

The common type of onboard weighing systems the safe weigh

How Can An Onboard Weighing System Benefit My Business?

  1. It helps you save time. A lot of it. 

In the world of business, time means money and having an Onboard Weighing System within your reach saves you A LOT of time. Through the help of an Onboard Weighing System, you can pick up your load, weigh it as it is being moved, and drop the stock at its destination. You can speed up your production flow in just one operation with less time and minimal operator effort- making your operation more productive, efficient and productive.

  1. It helps you avoid paying unwanted costs for overloading.

Without an Onboard Weighing System in your operation, chances of overloading (and underloading) incorrect loading will lead to a series of unexpected issues such as fuel cost increase, fines for overloading and other maintenance costs. Having an Onboard Weighing System also means you no longer have to pay weighbridge fees.

another type of  Onboard weighing systems a fork tyne weigher

3. It helps you meet the necessary requirements.

Investing in an Onboard Weighing System will give you the assurance that you will always get the accurate weight quickly and it will not go over the required legal limits. Chain Of Responsibility is applicable for every industry that has to do with the loading, receiving or packing of products which means that you may be held liable for breaches.

4. It helps you achieve customer satisfaction.

An Onboard Weighing System gives assurance to every customer that incorrect measurements and weight will not occur under your company. This will then result in building customer trust in your products which eventually lead to customer loyalty.

5. It is a great investment for your business.

Little improvements can make a huge impact on your business. In an industry where the market is huge such as manufacturing, food processing and medical fields, quality, accuracy and trust is needed to stand out. Considering the costs that you will have to pay from legal action for damages that might be filed against you, the expenses for purchasing an Onboard Weighing Equipment is nothing in comparison. If you wish to establish long-term business relationships, then you need to invest in what will help your customers. Remember that the hidden costs and risks associated with unreliable machinery could be much higher than the cost of purchasing a new one. The cost of purchasing an Onboard Weighing System will definitely be a huge decision that any business needs to make. But these steps that you make today will certainly affect the long-term success of your business.

Questions About Onboard Weighing?

Example of safe loader analogue Onboard weighing Systems

Maximize your business operations and workforce productivity with the leading supplier of robust packaging and bulk handling equipment, Australian Weighing Equipment or The AWE Group. Weighing-on-the-go is accurate and easy with the AWE Group’s range of high-quality Onboard Weighing Systems designed for forklift trucks to skid steers to pallet jacks and trucks. The AWE Group has Onboard Weighing Systems for operational efficiency and safety, complete with a choice of systems that offer varying accuracy, resolution and functionality. The AWE Group is the Top Weighing Equipment Technicians in Australia, and we consider the cost of equipment and machinery as an investment for your business’ future. Give us a call:

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