Are Playing Russian Roulette, Driving Overloaded Trucks?

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Stop Playing Russian Roulette, Driving Overloaded Trucks. The bullets in the chamber, the Governments are cracking down on Overloaded Trucks.

Don’t bet your livelihood, you won’t get caught driving a overloaded Refuse truck. You have an obligation to make sure your refuse truck is not overloaded. It’s the law.

The Overloaded Burden on Garbage Trucks Regular trucks have have it easy. They usually load from one location, so they can check they’re not overloaded, by accessing a weighbridge before they leave.

It’s not easy, if you’re in the business of picking up refuse through out the day, because a this is not a practical solution. It would be unreasonable for you to pull out, your portable Weighbridge, set it up, weigh your tuck, pack it away, & then drive to your next pickup.

This does not resolve you from the burden of compiling with the CoR Legislation. So this creates a serious issue because you’re constantly picking up loads, on your daily run. Your. next load could cause you to break the law, by driving an overloaded truck.

So how do you make sure your trucks remain under the legal weight limits?

You need to install a Scorpion Onboard Weighing solution, which can give you a quick and accurate totals of your load. No longer are you left exposed as you stop to pick up another load, because you know your Gross/Net Vehicles Mass, within seconds.

It’s not worth risking the crippling fines driving an overloaded truck. Once you install the Scorpion Onboard Weighing you will feel confident knowing your refuse truck won’t be overloaded.

It just makes commercial sense to have Scorpion Onboard Weighing. You’re Responsible If Your Trucks Are Overweight !