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Truck Onboard Scales

Reliable and affordable truck onboard weighing solution.

Weighing Instrument

Wide range of trade approved weighing instruments to choose from along with customised solutions to better fit your business.

Multi Deck Weighbridge

Made for dependable and high accuracy multi deck weighbridge.

Single Deck Weighbridge

Accurate and long-lasting weighbridge for truck.

Process Control

World’s Most User-Friendly And Versatile Controller.

Part Counting

Counting Scales that have built-in parts counting functionality.

Weighing Indicator System

High visibility interface. Suitable for weighbridges and similar applications.

Summing Sytem

Summing indicator for car balancing systems, multi-deck weighbridge and aircraft balancing weighing systems.

Luggage Scales

Built to give years of reliable and consistent weighing data.

Tank and Silo Weighing

A range of Silos and Tanks made from different materials and sizes to suit your application.