A Range of Indicators Available For Your Truck

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 Gedge GS100P Indicators

GS100P is very power full indicator with compact size and can be easily mounted in the driver cabin.

  • It can be powered using the truck battery.
  • With multiple load cell system you can have a summing box for averaging the input from all load cells to single output, allowing individual Axle Weights, Totals, Groups, Gross/Net etc.
  • This output is connected to GS100P for digital weight display of the entire system.
  • It is Pre-calibrated for 0-10,000 counts (2mV/V sensor gain at full scale).
  • Can be recalibrated using the auto (apply mass) or mV/V method.
  • Adjustable zero offset and span.
  • Easy setup Intuitive text prompts facilitate easy setup
  • Security Calibration and set point functions have independent security code access.
  • Set points can be used to define the overload and activate alarm system via 4 relay outputs.
  • Can customize outputs, to suit your requirements
  • Assured Quality. Through experience, design and in-house production control. Also each Indicator is shipped with a signed and numbered quality certificate.
  • Weight Indicators of Choice. Gedge Systems Weight Indicators are chosen by more Major Australian Weighbridge & Scale Manufacturers than any other Brand – and for good reason:- Quality, Reliability, Accuracy, Australian Made

As an option you can have serial output for connecting to printer.

  • You can have up to 4 digital Inputs for: Hold, lock, tare, batch, zero, peak hold or print remote commands.