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9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs An Weighbridge

For some safety reason this are some reason why we need weighbridge in some places in public to reduce and prevent some accident. Based on some statistic heavy vehicles represent 2.5% of all registered vehicles in new south wales, but account for 8% of vehicle kilometres traveled and 21% of fatalities on NSW roads. NSW government response road safety round table.

9 Commercial Reasons Why Your Business Needs An Above Ground Weighbridge

1. Your trucks will Comply with the Chain of Responsibility, so you don’t have to worry about the crippling COR fines for having overweight trucks on the streets

2. Improve productivity and efficiency, because you will only be loading your trucks once, with the correct weight

3. You won’t be losing revenue by sending out under weight trucks

4. Overloaded truck use more fuel because, as your truck’s gross weigh increases, your fuel economy decreases.

5. Increase your trucks life and lower your maintenance costs, because constant overloading will destroy your trucks

6. An average articulated truck has a relative rating of 2.65 compared to a 2 tonne car which is rated at 1/2250. So

  • An articulated truck is equivalent to 6000 cars.
  • A standard axle fitted with dual tyres and loaded to 8.2 tonnes will cause 2250 times more damage than a car.
  • The same standard axle loaded to 10 tonnes will double the damage to the road pavement.

7. Meets your duty of care, by providing a safer Workplace, and your drivers will feel safer because your trucks are loaded within safe legal load limits.

8. Your Weighbridge creates a record of the loaded weight for each trip so that you can prove your trucks were within the relevant mass limits, helping you have a better relationships with enforcement agencies

9. Overloading causes a lot of damage to roads and bridges, So we’re all forced pay more tax to make up for the shortfall.

Your Weighbridge Is The Best Long Term Investment For you
Why Our Weighbridge Stands Out From The Crowd