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Why Our Freight-Weigh Weighbridge Stands Out From The Crowd

Australian Weighing Equipments are known for having Australian’s Strongest weighbridges, because they’re built to last.

weighbridge can have a very tough life, often in extremely arduous conditions. It won’t take long to see the impact of a poorly designed and inadequately protected weighbridge because it will quickly show signs of deterioration, which eventually will affect its performance and reliability. Our Freight-Weigh Weighbridge has the following advantages.

  • Your Freight-Weigh Weighbridge has the following advantages.
  • 530Ub to 600mm Steel UBeams to construct the modular structural frame of the Freight Weigh Above Ground Weighbridge, to minimise bending. This reduces extreme flexing when loaded.
  • Cross bracing every 5 metres, to prevent twisting and all welds of steel structure, min 8mm welds as to AS/ NS 1554.1
  • Structural integrity is one of the most important components of your weighbridge, for this reason AWE Galvanise all steel frames and components, to protect your weighbridge from corrosion.
  • The heart of any weighbridge is the load cell. Our Hermetically sealed, stainless steel load cells are made from 17-4PH stainless steel. Stainless steel load cells are more expensive than other load cells due to the additional costs of sealing the load cell. AWE Load Cells are Certified by NMI Australia.

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