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Why Use Bulk Bag Emptying Systems

Emptying Bulk Bag Systems impact various costs in your plant. These costs include everything from storage, filling labor, freight, discharging, disposal, and every cost in between. Even small improvements in these areas can equate to several dollars a bag worth of savings. In some cases, it is possible to lower your overall costs more than you are paying for the bag. All of these savings in labor and time ultimately affect the bottom dollar.

We provide and manufacture Bulk Bag Systems here at the best Australian Weighing Equipment

Total Evacuation
AWE Bulk Bag systems fully evacuate the surge hopper being discharged and the conveyor line. This limits cross-contamination of multi-ingredient systems. Complete transfer of material also ensures accurate transfer of single or multiple ingredients, maximizing quality with minimal waste.


High Reliability and Ease of Maintenance
AWE Bulk Bag systems allow for easy cleaning and maintenance through easy-to-maintain filter receivers, access doors, inspection ports as well as rotary airlock valves with optional rotor support bars.

Mobile and Custom Configuration
Self-contained AWE Bulk Bag systems are available pre-engineered and configured on castor-mounted frames for mobility within your plant or forklift moveable as a standard option. Packages include many options from the above options list.

Designed, Constructed and Finished to Industrial and Sanitary Standards
AWE Bulk Bag Emptying systems are available in carbon steel with durable industrial finishes or stainless steel to standards required for food, dairy, and pharmaceutical applications. You can assure that our material used is tough and treated in different kinds of protective layers. Here at AWE Group, you can get to see the actual equipment.