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How The Viking Hot Sealer Works

This is the top-of-the-line Viking Hot Sealer in Australian Weighing Equipment that will increase the productivity and efficiency of your business, This Bradwood Sealer works on the principle of the heat is being transferred by steaming gets, To give the perfect seal a dozen knurled roller applies pressure.

The Viking Hot Sealer Works

1. Using the temperature controller, the correct temperature is set to suit the thickness of the bags being sealed.

2. The In-feed section guides the leading edge of the filled plastic bag to the feed belts where it is gripped and supported through the sealer.

3. The bag then travels through four streams of “hot air” to create a malleable band of plastic which passes between pressure rollers to complete the weld.

4. Cooling occurs and the seal is complete.

What You Get With The Viking Hot Air Sealer

  • The Viking Sealer’s hot-air sealing technology eliminates the need for Teflon Fabric or Steel Teflon coated sealing bands, which means you get quality seals, faster changeover, less downtime, increased reliability with greater flexibility
  • Get consistent seals every time because of the Automatic PID temperature control
  • Precision Laser cut Stainless Steel construction
  • A large variety of knurled rollers available to suit the bags your using, and seal widths up to 12 mm to meet your bagging needs (Standard 5mm)
  • The adjustable heating bars, allows you to seal various thickness of bags (up to 250 Microns)
  • Plug and Play setup
  • It’s easy to match your systems conveyor speeds with the VFD Speed Controller
  • Low-profile infeed ensures correct bag presentation
  • All working parts are fully accessible
  • No compressed air required
  • Your Viking Sealer has a built-in Auto Cool Down function, so it cools faster, reducing overheating of belts.
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