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Guidelines To Follow When Choosing A Tank

This is the best guide on how to Choosing A Tank, liquid storage, or blending tank. Make sure your tank system is specifically fabricated to your project’s application and you obtain as many quotations as possible from reputable companies.

If your project requires more than tanks, it is better to deal with companies that can supply a complete package. Thus ensuring all the parts of the jigsaw fit together, your tanks, conveying system, or other materials handling equipment being supplied will integrate into your existing system or satisfy your new requirements.Awe group will help you on choosing a tank for your business

 Consider who wrote the specifications you’re following. Do they have a bias for a preferred system? Are they providing you with all the technical options and pricing?

Always make sure the offers you receive to provide you with individual elements of the tank design, including plate thicknesses, coatings, welding methods, and the certainty that the tank or silo offered is suited to your specific needs.

If you are acquiring a field welded or field-installed bolted tank ensure the tank provider has a valid construction license, adequate insurance cover, and safety certifications.

Obtain a written guarantee of the lifespan of the tank and other accessories and integrated components for your overall system.

If you receive competitive bids, be sure to compare like with like, and as time is usually of the essence – investigate the installation methods that are to be employed. For example, our tank jacking system allows the tank to be installed without the use of cranes and scaffolding. This is a faster and safer system and enables tanks and silos to be installed in areas where space is critical.

When looking at price, don’t be tempted to opt for the cheaper product without first investigating if the lower price is due to the use of cheaper materials and inferior construction methods.

If you’re looking for a traditional tank, silo, or looking at the fast-growing RTP-Rolled, tapered panel bolted tank or silo, then make sure they can deliver on these guidelines.

By following these guidelines your tank fabricator will supply a tank that should have a lifespan of more than 40+ years and will be an integral and reliable part of your bulk storage and materials handling system. 

If your looking for a fabricator to design, manufacture and install your tanks then talk to Bradwood Packaging because our silos and tanks are highly competitive and we build them to last.

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