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How Does the Vertical Auger Weigh Your Product

Weigh & volumetric can be combine to offer a weighing solution, that allows the speed of a volumetric filler with the accuracy of net weighing.

Our system uses scale feedback to monitor the filler and correct any inaccuracy. You won”t want to deliver too much or too little to the consumer, but you will want to pack as fast as possible. The biggest headaches in packing & filling is the dreaded bottleneck. The speed of your plant is determined by your constraints, which often is the filler and the check weigher. So you need to match your weighing system to the same speed as a machine can fill. There’s no point having super fast filling, if the weighing, becomes a bottleneck.

Volume: Using a servo drive to control the acceleration, speed and number of revolutions to dispense the required amount of product. We achieve speeds of up to 5000rpm and stop in 0.2 seconds with this technology. This is the lowest cost and fastest solution with an option to weigh samples and correct fills by weight.. Without this scale feedback you rely on manual adjustment or a product with good volumetric repeatability.

Weight: Using scales to accurately control the servo system to the required fill. The system uses programmable fill points for fast and slow feed into your container. This method is used for non homogeneous powders where the repeat accuracy of a each volumetrically delivered amount is not consistent and weighing
whilst filling is the best solution.

Combination: Using both Volume & Weigh filling to maximize container capacity

  • Use volumetric filling to fill your container to 95% (say) of it’s final weight and then index to the weigh station to top up precisely. At higher capital cost, this option offers the benefit of filling accurately by weight with high throughput. it suits most auger suitable powders. Weigh & volumetric can be combine to offer a weighing solution, that allows the speed of of volumetric with the accuracy of net weighing filling.