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What You Get With The VFFS150

Here are some of the details of VFF150 that you can consider as a reference so you can decide on choosing the suitable packaging machinery for your business. AWE Group offers different kinds of packaging machinery like PVPE Equipment, Liquid Fillers, Air Packers, and many more. 

Packaging machinery - VFF150

Here is the characteristic of VFFS150 that you can look for.

  • Constructed from 304 Stainless Steel, it’s built to last and makes cle
    aning a breeze.
  • The high mechanical jaw pressure securely seals your bags because of lever drive, which is actuated by the gear motor and frequency inverter.
  • To reduce the crushing of your fragile products, the VFFS-150 has a built-in Optical registration sensing (Photo eye) to identify the End of film registration.
  • The heart of VFFS-150 is your PLC controller interface, so it’s simple to operate, controlling Electronic Temperature; Quick.
  • Format changes and Film Tensioning System. The PLC stores your settings like; sealing temperatures; timings and pack length etc.
  • Manufactures pillow, gusseted bags, block bottom bags, 3 sided seal bags and 4 sided bags, as well as triangle bags.
  • After Bradwood Packaging installs your VFFS-150 you get hands on training and documentation, to maximise your ROI.
  • Your VFFS-150 comes with HMI-control with colour touch-screen, so your operators will find it easytooperate. Your operators will have at the tip of their fingers access to: Product Code Settings; Fault Diagnostics and Help Screens.
  • Don’t worry about security, because you can add password protected operator access levels to the HMI.
  • The flexible and modular Packaging System can be interfaced with all filling systems and check weighers, so the same control panel operate all packers and weighers.

Optional Equipment to Complete Packaging System
Optional Equipment to Complete Packaging System