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Parts of VFFS-150

Forming Collar
We support a
complete range
of quick change
forming collars to
suit a variety of bag
Safety Interlocks
Machines are
designed to be
compliant with
AS4024 machine
safety requirements
Running Gear
Quality bearings,
NOT bushes, for long
life and smoother
running of your bag
making machine
Our range of adaptions is constantly developing. We
currently offer Chain bags, Pouch bags, Triangular bags,
Bags sealed on three or four sides, euro & round peg
holes and many other knife and sealing options. A clean
design allows access for inspection & maintenance. Our
sealing mechanics are best in class with electric driven
jaw closing, PID heating and total feedback control.
Code Printer
Machine is supplied fitted with
a Date & Batch code thermal transfer
printer. We also have experience at
fitting other popular inkjet, thermal,
barcode or embossing printers.
Film System
A cantilevered Mandrel allows quick &
easy film changes. The spool has an
air activated clamp so the film is
reliability & accurately positioned.