VFFS-600 Stand Up Option & Hot Fill Option

FFS-600 Stand Up Option

(Must be ordered before manufacturing of machine)

  • Can be configured to produce 4 Corner Edge Seal for Stand Up Bags
  • Create bags with a ‘hidden’ vertical seal giving a full rear panel for printing or use a conventional centre back seal
  • Get edge seals from 4mm to 10mm wide
  • Can be adapted to allow the productions of pillow packs
  • This is ideal for Biscuits, Cereals, Dried Fruits & Nuts, Kitty Litter, Pet Food and Rice

VFFS-600 Hot Fill Option

(Must be ordered before manufacturing of machine)

  • The VFFS-600 can be supplied with filling equipment or controls to suit your existing filling equipment
  • The Hot Fill Option has been designed to cater for the packaging of Pump-able food products
  • Your Product can be heated to temperatures of up to 92 °C and packed in up to 20kg bags, expelling the air from bag. Ideal for Cook/ Chill applications.
  • Suitable for smooth mixtures, containing pieces up to 25mm in size can be reliably packaged in a one part fill. Like: Fruit Puree; Meat Sauces; Tomato Paste
  • Products with large ratio of solids to liquid can be packaged in a 2 part fill. Like: Fruit Pieces in Juice; Sliced Pickles in Brine