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How the VFFS-250 Works

VFFS-250 Works

1. The bagging process begins, when the film is pulled downward via 2 pull down belts around the outside of a long hollow conical tube, so a tube is formed and the outer edges of the film form a flap.

2. The seam edges, need bonding, so the vertical heat sealing bar clamps the film flaps and melts the seam edges together, creating a tube.

3. Then a horizontal sealing bar clamps the bottom edge of the tube, bonding the film together. Once the bottom of the bag is sealed it’s ready to be filled through the long conical tube, known as a Forming Tube.

4. When the bag is formed and the bottom edge is sealed a signal is sent to the dosing device indicating it’s ready for product. This product is delivered through the forming tube, into the bag.

5. Your bag is then indexed to correct length and horizontal jaws cut the bag off from the tube. It’s now a sealed package, ready to move your product to boxing and shipping processes. The feeding of material and cutting of the pouch can be determined by length, or indexing via mark, which is detected by our built-in Optical Registration Sensor.

The Bags Contents Can Be Weighed By Various Methods Including, Net Weight, Gross Weight Or Volumetric.

The feeding of the plastic film and cuttingof the pouch can be determined by length,or indexing via a black registration markpre-printed on the film, which is detectedby our built-in Optical Registration Sensor.The VFFS250 has the Lowest ‘Cost ofOwnership’ in it class, because it willprovide the quickest (ROI) Return onyour Investment.