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Load Master. The premium onboard scale .

Weigh loads in motion – no more stopping to check weights

The ‘Load Master’ onboard weighing system is our new premium indicator. It has all the advanced features of our Weight Master Totaliser, plus “weighing in motion” which measures load weights as they are lifted. A trigger system consisting of automatic speed compensation and angular sensors captures an accurate weight reading on the go. This system will vastly improve productivity and efficiency because the operator no longer needs to pause mid-lift to capture a weight reading.

The Load Master can be synced to transmit real-time data to your smart device or your office accounting software for accounting purposes, to view productivity and performance, or for stock piling and inventory management.

You can rely on this system to perform accurately and reliably on most skid steers, telescopic forklifts & wheel loaders. Our automatic weight trigger has no moving parts, making it virtually maintenance free and will operate in the most hostile environments.

There are a range of expansion options available to customise the Load Master to your individual needs including printers, telemetry, alarm safety interlocks and data logging.

Top features:
  • Trigger weighing – weigh in motion and speed compensation
  • Two (2) pressure transducers
  • Angular body sensor
  • Angular arm sensor
  • Full function totaliser module with add in, subtract out, total and auto-add
  • Accuracy ± 1% of system capacity
  • Printer option with date and time, product, totals, company name etc
  • 9Vdc to 70Vdc
  • Simple one touch weighing button
  • Rugged electronic design
  • Rubber-mounted bracket
  • No loss of lifting capacity
  • Overload alarm
  • Autocal facility with percentage (%) adjustment
  • Backlit display
  • Heavy duty construction

TypeDigital with microprocessor control
CompatibilitySuitable for most skid steers, wheel loaders and telescopic forklifts
Accuracy System±1% of capacity (e.g. if lift capacity is 1000kg then accuracy is ±10 kg)
Resolution1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 (selectable to suit installation)
Supply Voltage:
9Vdc - 70Vdc standard
Less than 200mA
Temperature10°C to 50°C operating range
BacklightLED fibreoptic (where fitted)
Housing Weatherproof (IP65)
W:250mm H:150mm D:125mm
Powder coated aluminium case with stainless steel bracket
Display20mm (H) x 6 digits LCD extended temparature range
Plain message prompting
Text display10mm (H) x 32 digits super twist alphanumeric characters
BacklightLED fibre optic (where fitted)
Warranty12 months on instrument and sensors
6 months on calibration
Fitting TimeFour (4) hours typically
RecalibrationRecommended six (6) monthly
Manufacture100% Australian made
Printer Type:
(optional) Characters:


60 mm plain paper

20 per line
12v DC
16 to 60v with optional adapter
200 mA standby
1A peak printing
date, time, gross weight, nett weight, tare, number of loads, total,
grand total and customised header
Speed CompensationSpeed compensation trigger switch to enable variances between high speed and low speed (when fitted)

N.B. Not legal for trade use. :Load Master is fully expandable.

  • “Blue Tongue” industrial printer with date and time information, product, running weights, totals, grand totals
  • Relay outputs lights, hydraulic bypass
  • Smart device links, GPS, WiFi

How it works

1. Pressure Transducer: measures pressure in the machines hydraulic system as a load is lifted.
2. Trigger: sensor continuosly monitors the boom position throughout the lift at numerous measurement locations, allowing calculated weights to be averaged out or rejected if outside tolerance levels.
3. Indicator: Load Master instrument mounted inside cabin within reach and sight of operator
4. Slope compensation kit: enables superior accuracy of weighing system when in use on sloping or uneven ground
5: Printer (optional) Produce hard copies of data gathered by the Load Master
6: Data communications: Can be set to relay data to the administration for accounting purposes or for performance, productivity or stockpiling management

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