Ideal for measuring pressure

For Accurate Pressure Measurement,
you can rely on the APT Pressure Transducer Load Cell


APT Pressure Transducer Load Cells are manufactured from high grade tool steel designed for the industrial sector of aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, off-road, automation and control, marine, alternative energy, military and defense and a host of heavy duty measurement weighing applications.

APT Pressure Transducer Load Cell Key Features:
  • Ranges from 100PSI to 20,000PSI
  • Customized sizes available
  • High grade stainless steel & tool steels
  • High accuracy
  • Ideal for use in a hostile environment
  • To ensure load & thermal specifications are met or exceeded
Any indoor or outdoor application requiring quality repeatable results.
Use in Chemical, Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical Industries where industrial construction is essential.
Used in applications requiring the ultimate in accuracy.

  • Onboard vehicle weighing system
  • Earthmoving vehicle hydraulic system weighing
  • Portable hydraulic test sets
  • Airframe test rigs
  • Hydraulic system feedback control
  • Forklifts
  • Front end loaders

APT Pressure Transducer Technical Specifications
Capacity1000psi – 10,000psi (custom design capacity
available upon request)
Safe Service Pressure100% CAPACITY
Safe Overload120% CAPACITY
Output Sensitivity1-2mV/V ±0.1%
Repeatability<0.03% of Full Scale
Zero Balance<2% of Full Scale
Span Temperature Effect<20 PPM/˚C
Zero Temperature Effect<20 PPM/˚C
Compensated Range-10˚ C to +50˚C
Operating Range-20˚ C to +60˚C
Environmental Protection RatingIP65
MaterialStainless Steel, Tool Steel (Standard)
SealingGlue sealed & encased
Input Resistance350 Ω +/- 10 Ohms
Output Resistance350 Ω +/- 3 Ohms
Insulation Resistance>2,000MΩ
Excitation (Recommended)5-volt DC to 15-volt DC
Excitation (Maximum)20-volt DC
Hydraulic Connecter¼” BSP Parralel Thread
Cable Type5mm OD 4 core screened. Cable length 6 meters
Note: Load cell variants available with longer leads, 1000ω gauging, imperial sizing and different capacities.
APT Pressure Transducer Dimension Drawings

APT Pressure Tranducer Load Cell Order Codes:
APT1-SS-1000PSI1000PSI Stainless Steel APT Pressure Transducer Load Cell
APT1-SS-2000PSI2000PSI Stainless Steel APT Pressure Transducer Load Cell
APT1-SS-4000PSI4000PSI Stainless Steel APT Pressure Transducer Load Cell
APT1-SS-6000PSI6000PSI Stainless Steel APT Pressure Transducer Load Cell
APT1-SS-8000PSI8000PSI Stainless Steel APT Pressure Transducer Load Cell
APT1-SS-10000PSI10000PSI Stainless Steel APT Pressure Transducer Load Cell
APT-TABS-600Truck air bag system pressure sensor 1000 ohms 2mv/v 600 PSI

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