Crane Weighing Alarm Systems

The AWE Group offers a comprehensive Crane Weighing & Alarm Systems, to keep your workers safe. These solutions include Crane Displays & Alarm Units, Load Cell & Sensors, Crane Scales, Crane Test Weights Hire

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Crane Displays & Alarm Units

Load Cell & Sensors

AWE100R - Copy A Large Display Indicator or Remote Display is primarily used on weighbridges and cranes for clear visual reading of the weights. A Weight Transmitter are mainly used…read more  AET-4 Tension Load Cell1 -AWE Group  The heart of any weighing system is the load cell. The load cells are highly accurate transducers, designed to sense force or weight under a wide range of adverse…read more

ACSI Crane Scale

Crane Test Weights Hire

 ACSI Crane Scale  The ACSI series electronic crane scales are instruments of high accuracy for the measurement of static forces of traction and of static loads. The ACSI works with all directions of loads….read more  weighbridge Crane test  The AWE Group offers an extensive Crane Test Weight Hire Service. Our large selection of weights are all fully calibrated, and range from 20kg…read more




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