Crane Weighing & Alarms Systems


Load Cell & Sensors

Crane Scale

Crane Test Weights Hire

The AWE Group offers a comprehensive Crane Weighing & Alarm Systems, to keep your workers safe. These solutions include Crane Displays & Alarm Units, Load Cell & Sensors, Crane Scales, Crane Test Weights Hire

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Crane Displays & Alarm Units

awe100rA Large Display Indicator or Remote Display is primarily used on weighbridges and cranes for clear visual reading of the weights. A Weight Transmitter are mainly used…read more

Load Cell & Sensors

AET-4 Tension Load CellThe heart of any weighing system is the load cell. The load cells are highly accurate transducers, designed to sense force or weight under a wide range of adverse…read more

Crane Scales

ACSI 2500kg Crane Scale Crane Scales, provides the operator with safe & easy method to weigh goods being lifted by cranes. Capacity Range 20kg to…read more

Crane Test Weights Hire

test_weightsThe AWE Group offers an extensive Crane Test Weight Hire Service. Our large selection of weights are all fully calibrated, and range from 20kg…read more