Weighbridge Experts

Service you can trust

We’ve been servicing weighbridges all over Australia’s East Coast for over 30 years.

  • Weighbridge Test Trucks All Over East Coast

    24/7 Help. Anywhere along the East Coast of Australia.

  • 150 Tonnes of Certified Test Masses

    We’re equipped to calibrate a wide range of applications.

  • Top Technical Knowledge

    Our technicians are trained to handle anything. From basic calibrations to complex batching systems.

At Australian Weighing Equipment, you get good honest service.

You’ll be able to understand what our technicians are doing, at every step of the process.

Our technicians will talk you through our process, so you can clearly understand what we’ll be doing to resolve the issues keeping your business from total compliance or operational efficiency.

Our skilled technicians are experienced in troubleshooting, repairing & calibrating all types of scales, mechanical or electronic.

We service and supply a wide range of industries. From concrete to food as well as petro-chemical to pharmaceutical.

At the end of each job, we provide Quality Assurance Reports so you can understand the work we’ve done.

Our test masses are traceable and verified on a regular basis for accuracy in accordance with Weights and Measures standards.

You can get regular weighing reports. 

We’ll equip you with a continuous overview of the condition of your weighing equipment.

We will ensure your business machinery meet the Quality Assurance Standards.

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