VFFS-250 Vertical Form Fill Sealer Vertical Form, Fill & Seal Bag Maker for regular sized bags. Width 70 to 250mm. Length Single pull is 340mm. Double pull is 650mm. Packing Speeds up to 60 bags per minute.

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The VFFS-250 Vertical Form Fill Seal otherwise know as a Bag Maker (VFFS), is a part of an automated packaging system. Commonly used in the packaging of food and a wide range of products.

The VFFS-250 is loaded with a continuous flat roll of plastic film, which has had artwork applied to the exterior of the film. The machine constructs plastic bags from a long flat roll of plastic film and simultaneously fills the bags with product and seals them, up to 250mm wide by 650mm long.

The VFFS-250 vertical form fill seal packaging machine uses bags formed from a reel of a wide range of packaging films. Check with your film supplier for best solution, to suit your application.

  • Suits free flowing materials and powders
  • Interfaces to all infeed systems
  • Low maintenance + high speed = labour savings
  • Integrates with all filling machines
  • Our most popular model

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1. The bagging process begins, when the film is pulled down by a cam driven, horizontal jaw. The printed film is wrapped around the outside of a long hollow conical tube, so a tube is formed and the outer edges of the film form a flap.

2. The seam edges, need bonding, so the vertical heatsealing bar clamps the film flaps and melts the seam edges together, creating a tube.

3. Then a horizontal sealing bar clamps the bottom edge of the tube, bonding the film together. Once the bottom of the bag is sealed it’s ready to be filled through the long conical tube, know as (Forming Tube). The bags contents can be weighed by various method including, Net Weight, Gross Weight or Volumetric.

4. When the bag is formed and the bottom edge is sealed a signal is sent to the dosing device indicating it’s ready for product. This product is delivered through the forming tube, into the bag.

5. Your bag is then indexed to correct length and horizontal jaws cut the bag off from the tube. It’s now a sealed package, ready to move your product to boxing and shipping processes. The feeding of material and cutting of the pouch can be determined by length, or indexing via mark, which is detected by our built-in Optical Registration Sensor.[/spoiler]

[spoiler intro=”What You Get With The VFF250 »”]

  • Constructed from 304 Stainless Steel, so it’s built to last and makes cleaning a breeze
  • The Touch screen interface, make it easy to use and operate
  • If you require heavy bags, then VFFS-250 will allow you to set long seal cool times
  • The high mechanical jaw pressure, securely seals your bags because of servo-actuated lever drive, and opening width of the cross jaws
  • The heart of VFFS-250 is your PLC controller interface, so it’s simple to operate
  • After Bradwood Packaging installs your VFFS-250 you get hands on training and documentation, to maximise your ROI
  • The operator can change the sealing pressure of the Servo driven End Seal Assembly with HMI Touch Screen, your VFFS-250comes with HMI-control with colour touchscreen, so your operators will find it easy-to-operate.
  • Your operators will have at the tip of their fingers access to: Product Code Settings; Fault Diagnostics and Help Screens
  • Don’t worry about security, because you can add password protected operator access levels to the HMI
  • Variable body height to suit your bag sizes and product line
  • The flexible and modular Packaging System can be interfaced with all filling systems and check weighers, so the same control panel operate all packers and weighers
  • The VFFS-250 produces all types bag (see list)
  • Comes with a highly flexible double length film draw function
  • Automatic film tracking
  • Low wear & tear, highly efficient, quick film reel changeover by splicing table
  • Film breakage detection [/spoiler]
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    AWE Group - VFFS250 Vertical Form Fill Sealer Drawings02
  • To retard the growth of bacteria the VFFS-250 can fitted with Nitrogen Flush
  • Can create an upper seal with Euroslot Eurohole, Round Hole, Special Tear Notch or Spout
  • Can be fitted with hot bar sealing or impulse welding systems
  • Retro-fit Insignia or Markem printers & labeling Machine
  • Date Coding Machine
  • Dust extraction system
  • Bag out-feed conveyor
  • Static elimination
  • Weighing Machine
  • Serrated or tear-notch knives
  • Rotary accumulation table
  • Left hand machine build
  • Automatic film tracking
  • Multi-head Weigher
  • Gross Fillers
  • Net Fillers
  • Linear Weighers
  • Auger Filler
  • Volumetric Cup Filler
  • Liquid Fillers and pumps [/spoiler][spoiler intro=”VFFS-250 Stand Up Bag Option »”] (Must be ordered before manufacturing of machines)
  • Can be configured to produce 4 Corner Edge Seal for Stand Up Bags
  • Create bags with a ‘hidden’ vertical seal giving a full rear panel for printing or use a conventional centre back seal
  • Get edge seals from 4mm to 10mm wide
  • Can be adapted to allow the production of pillow packs
  • This is ideal for Biscuits, Cereals, Dried Fruits & Nuts, Kitty Litter, Pet Food and Rice [/spoiler][spoiler intro=”VFFS-250 Hot Fill Option »”](Must be ordered before manufacturing of machines)
  • The VFFS-250 can be supplied with filling equipment or controls to suit your existing filling equipment
  • The Hot Fill Option has been designed to cater for the packaging of Pump-able food products
  • Your Product can be heated to temperatures of up to 92 °C and packed in up to 20kg bags, expelling the air from bag. Ideal for Cook/ Chill applications.
  • Suitable for smooth mixtures, containing pieces up to 25mm in size can be reliably packaged in a one part fill. Like: Fruit Puree; Meat Sauces; Tomato Paste
  • Products with large ratio of solids to liquid can be packaged in a 2 part fill. Like: Fruit Pieces in Juice; Sliced Pickles in Brine [/spoiler][spoiler intro=”Choosing The Right Bag »”]

1. Film Type:
Laminated Film
PE Film

2. Film Width:
Film Width (mm) ____
Width of Flat Bag (mm) ____
Width of Seam (mm) _____

3. Film Thickness:
Film Thickness (mm) ____

4. Bag Type:
A – Pillow
B – Gusseted Bag
C – Block Bottom Bag

5. Weight Ranges:
Weigh Ranges (kg) ____

6. Desired Operating Speed:
Bag per minute (bpm) ____

7. Height Requirement:
Available height in Workshop ____ [/spoiler]

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AWE Group - VFFS250 Vertical Form Fill Sealer Drawings03


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