Hermetically bag premix & pure cement faster

Continua six linear bagging positions will handle and fill fine premix & pure cement into hermetic PE bags.

Top features:
  • Only stainless steel parts are in contact with product
  • Reduce produce volume with de-aeration probes
  • Dust-tight filling spout + bag holder
  • Includes product compactor to maximise and reduce bag size
  • Air removal station extracts all the air in each filled bag
  • Air cleaning system ensures product does not adhere to the inner walls of the bag; ensuring high quality seals
  • Seal-cooling clamps to ensure the bag seals are hermetic & strong
  • Machines can changeover without operator input using mounted machine acuators
  • Safe for operators using special monobloc inspection doors
  • Bag size range:  10 – 30 kg
  • Bagging speed:  up to 500 hermetically sealed bags per hour (800 for non-hermetic sealed bags)