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From large scale installations for abattoirs to smaller applications in butchers shops, we have solutions to fit your specific needs.

We specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing meat rail systems for a wide range of applications.

With over 20 years experience and proven craftsmanship, Arc-Rite NSW is your one stop shop for custom-designed durable meat railing solutions for your business.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Meat Rail
  • Racking systems specfically customised to your storing requirements
  • Stainless Meat Trays
  • Stainless Steel Trolley’s

General Construction Check List for Your Meat Processing Installation

One Expert is Not Enough
  • No single person will have ALL the answers.
    • Engineers do not know everything about the food safety requirement
    • Architects are limited by their experience in your industry
  • Measure twice. Build once.
    • Do not build before you are 100% certain
    • In the absence of enough information, follow a success plan of previously successful business
  • Figure out your core issues before moving on
Floor Details
  • Texture
  • Slope
  • Drains
Concrete + Plumbing
  • Issues with concrete can only be solved by breaking it and starting again
  • Plumbing follows the same problem path (once installed, it’s not possible to fix without taking apart the original installation)
  • Better to start with the best solution at the beginning
Drainage: Better than Industry Standard
  • Industry standards may not be sufficient for your needs
  • Sloping may need to be higher due to your meat processing
  • Drain holes may have to be larger than standard for faster drainage
  • Your drainage will have to accommodate lots of water hosing all at once

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