Your Weighbridge Is An Investment

Manufactured In Trade And Non Trade Configurations Built To Last And Stand The Test Of Time. So you’ve decided you need a weighbridge! The purchase of a weighbridge is a wise investment but, like any investment, it requires some research and thought to ensure you get the most for your dollar. According to ATO depreciation schedule, they […]

Weighbridge – 9 Commercial Reasons Why Your Business Needs An Above Ground Weighbridge

Heavy Vehicles Represent 2.5% Of All Registered Vehicles In New South Wales, But Account For 8% Of Vehicle Kilometers Travelled And 21% Of Fatalities On NSW Roads. NSW Government Response Road Safety Roundtable. 9 Commercial Reasons Why Your Business Needs An Above Ground Weighbridge 1. Your trucks will Comply with the Chain of Responsibility, so you […]

Why Our Freight-Weigh Weighbridge Stands Out From The Crowd

Australian Weighing Equipments are known for having Australian’s Strongest weighbridges, because they’re built to last. A weighbridge can have a very tough life, often in extremely arduous conditions. It won’t take long to see the impact of a poorly designed and inadequately protected weighbridge because it will quickly show signs of deterioration, which eventually will affect its […]

How The Freight-Weigh Above Ground Weighbridge Works?

The 3 Must Have Elements, To Make Sure Your Weighbridge, Keeps Working The Most Important Consideration In Selecting A Weighbridge, Is The Structural Integrity Of Your Weighbridge Strength If you need your weighbridge, to stand up to the punishing abuse of heavy trucks, then you require 3 components:Strength, Reliability and Qualified Trades People/Service. It’s like a 3 […]