Endurance Karts vs Unfair Advantage


Weighing Endurance Karts

You’d be forgiven for not know too much about this distant cousin of race car driving. For a start it’s a hobby for people who can afford to buy go-kart frames, Honda motors, insurance premiums, entry fees while footing the … Read More

Your Weighbridge Is An Investment


Warringah Council – Kimbriki Tip A Weighbridge in Action Leveling a Weighbridge Manufactured In Trade And Non Trade Configurations Built To Last And Stand The Test Of Time. So you’ve decided you need a weighbridge! The purchase of a weighbridge … Read More

Electronic Pit Type Rail Road Track Scale

AWESYD2Weighbridges Brochure

The massive constructed, heavy steel weighbridege is stabilized laterally with checkrods and other specially designed restraints. Weighrails are sealed into the platform. Special design techniques and manufacturing procedures prevent excessive moiosture, dirt and foreign materials from entering the pit. No … Read More

AWE 6500 “intelligent” Remote Display


The 6500’s maximum viewing distance is approximately 40 metres, allowing it to be used on most applications requiring a remote display. The digits are a fluorescent yellow on a black background for easy viewing under all lighting conditions. span style=”font-size: … Read More